Metro's mobile app — downloaded over 200,000 times and update coming soon!

Go Metro start-up screen

Go Metro v2.2.4 on iPhones

Hi Readers,

This is a quick update on our mobile app, Go Metro Los Angeles. The app recently surpassed 220,000 downloads. The device breakdown is roughly:

  • Over 100,000 times by Android devices
  • Over 120,000 times by iPhone/iPad devices

Additionally, 15 percent of all Apple downloads are from international customers (top countries: Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, France), while seven percent of all Android downloads are from international customers (top countries: Korea, Australia, UK, Mexico, Canada).

A new update of the app will be available for download the week of June 24th with these improvements:

  • Nextrip Rail Info (real-time rail arrivals)
  • June 2013 'shake-up' schedules (scheduled data automatically displays when cell data or wifi is not available)
  • Larger walking distance of up to one mile (by customer request – we heard you)
  • and some user interface revisions

I am including a few preview screen shots of the updated app showing Rail real time arrivals and scheduled arrivals. Work will also begin on Version 3.0 (a brand new version) of the app in July 2013, with a tentative release for Spring 2014.

The app integrates data, design, functionality, and real-time news from many Metro departments: Service Development & Performance Analysis, Creative Services Design Studio, Customer Relations, COO's Office, Construction Relations, Metro Library, Media Relations and Bicycle Planning. The app is designed and managed by Communications Web & Mobile Group.

Real time rail arrivals

Real time rail arrivals

Scheduled rail arrivals

Scheduled rail arrivals


8 replies

  1. I have the iOS app and I can say it works great except that it crashes a bit and has trouble finding your location. The bus and rail times are quite accurate and its good to have when the screens in the statioms are not working. It is great to have because when I need to catch the bus by my house I can time out when to leave as to minimize time waiting at the stop.

    Also it would be nice if it had support for older iOS devices as the first two iPods and iPhones are left out. This may be a bit tricky since apple has cut support for them in the latest version of Xcode, but it is definitely possible for the developer to implement.

    • Hi BlogReader;

      The next version, 3.0, will have Windows and Blackberry version. That’s slated for spring 2014.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. That is why I switched to iPhone, AY. Fragmentation was a huge problem for me. If you don’t have the newest/best android phone, you run into serious issues with app reliability. There are just too many hardware combinations for developers to work with. Also, if they fix your issue, that can create a crash on another android phone. Ugh!

  3. This is the app that works great on my iPhone, and that I use everything I am in LA, using Metro. Love it! Keep the update coming. A suggestion,,, it would be great if you could see a real time map that shows where busses and trains are.

  4. Second that, @Atheistically Yours. Also, maybe nice if you could make Android Phones with NFC readers act as TAP cards, so we never have to worry about forgetting such a card.

  5. Is this the same app that FREEZES on Android phones, that I have “uninstalled” TWICE now, and NO ONE at the MTA seems to want to fix the “freezing” problem it presents? Is THIS the app?

    • @Atheistically Yours
      If you provide me with more info, I can track down the freezing bug. Please send device model and operationing system version to

      Per customer feedback in the past, there could be a number of factors causing the app to crash — mainly, the model may be too old, or the device hard drive is too full.

      Thanks for your comment,
      Lan-Chi Lam