Metro Rail will run enhanced service for this Sunday's CicLAvia


Walk, bike or skate down six miles of Iconic Wilshire Boulevard this Sunday with CicLAvia! There are 5 Metro Purple Line stations along this summer’s route – 7th/Metro, Westlake/MacArthur Park, Wilshire/Vermont, Wilshire/Normandie and Wilshire Western – so whether you’re heading out or heading home, Metro can help you get there.

Iconic Wilshire Boulevard will be car-free and open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bus lines detouring for the event include: 20, 60, 206, 210, 460, 487, 720 and Metro Silver Line. Detours will be in effect from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or when barricades are present. For more details, please check the Service Advisories page.

Wolfpack Hustle is also holding a bike race around City Hall on the same day until approximately 9 p.m. that will impact bus service on Spring Street, Main Street, Temple and 1st Street. To avoid bus delays and detours, use Metro Rail to travel through and around impacted areas.

  • Red and Purple Line will each run every 10 minutes with 6-car trains. This means a combined service of every 5 minutes between Union Station and Wilshire/Vermont.
  • Gold Line will run every 7-8 minutes with mostly 3-car trains.
  • Blue and Expo Line will run every 12 minutes with 3-car trains.
  • Green Line will run every 15 minutes with 2-car trains.
  • Expect limited bike rack availability on the Orange Line. Use adjacent bike path where available.
  • Anticipated stations to be busiest include Union Station, 7th St/Metro, Wilshire/Vermont and Wilshire/Western. Consider using other nearby stations along the route to avoid potential wait times.
  • Use entire platform length when boarding for more seating and bike space availability.
  • Board with bikes using doors marked with yellow decals.
  • Always walk your bike within Metro stations or on board trains.
  • For everyone’s safety, do not bring bikes on escalators; use the stairs or elevators instead.
  •  Do not use emergency exit gates to enter or exit except during emergencies or unless directed by law enforcement or Metro personnel.

The Purple Line connects at 7th/Metro with the Red, Blue and Expo Line. Bicyclists who want to get to CicLAvia by Metro should review Metro’s bike rules. For those of you riding bikes from Union Station to Wilshire, here’s a downtown Los Angeles bike map. The gist of it: there are north-south bike lanes on Spring Street and then you can pick your way west toward Wilshire on 5th (one way going west), 7th (traffic in both directions) or 8th (one way west). Be safe!

The Iconic Wilshire Boulevard route will connect One Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles to Fairfax Avenue along Miracle Mile. These two anchor hubs will feature pedestrian zones with performers, activities, food trucks and more. Additional hubs along the route include MacArthur Park, Koreatown and Mid-Wilshire. Have your TAP card handy and save 15% on CicLAvia T-shirts at the hubs along the route.

Also, if you’re going to CicLAvia, you’ll get the chance to view 2 of the locations where new stations will be built for the Purple Line Extenison – La Brea and Fairfax. Metro will have a mock-rail car at the Fairfax hub with info on the project and more, drop by to say hi!

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  1. I noticed the 3 car trains on the old line today! It really did help, the last ciclavia really filled up the gold line, but this time it was much less crowdedI did not see how the purple and red lines were as I rode my bike to little Tokyo station. Last the expo line was so packed that you had to let a train go just to get on. Is three cars the most the rail lines are built to handle?

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Most of the light rail station platforms are built to accommodate a maximum of three cars.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  2. Can you please stop posting Asthetically Yours post? The person clearly just wants to press the negative with Metro on every single action, without thinking about the benefits of others. The person has nothing to contribute on these comment sections and just riles up anger amongst others. – Thanks.

  3. If the MTA is so big on bike use, WHY do they inconvienience bus riders and light-rail line riders by “accomadating” them? If blocking off a major artery of L.A. for a day-long “bike ride festival” is somehow good, LET THE BIKE RIDERS STAY ON THEIR BIKES AND OFF THE BUSES AND TRAINS! They need to make a choice! Biking or busing/training. PICK ONE!

    • I’m not sure which is worse: the time you wasted writing this or the time I wasted reading it.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source