@Metrolosangeles Twitter Tuesday, June 18 edition

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6 replies

  1. Regarding the picture with the ADA gate, I thought the point of the arrow was to show to which turnstile the TAP validator corresponds, not to show that’s where you can walk. Basically, while a user needing ADA accommodations (maybe he’s left handed) may be able to quickly figure out through which opening he should go through with his wheelchair, he may at first think that the validator on the left is offline.

  2. Finally! Locking the gates should’ve been done from the beginning. Why did it take so long to get this done?

  3. Haha, collin1000 tweeted a screenshot of my Facebook comment about Metrolink-is-not-Metro. Hope I didn’t come off as a jerk to the other commenters.

  4. Somebody really needs to explain to the TAP conspiracy theorists that Cubic is the same company that does the Bay Area’s Clipper Card, and that one is awesome.

    Also, Japan gates just about everything that moves. They’re doing awesome as well.