Nextrip for Metro Rail now available; please let us know what you think


Nextrip on an iPhone. Click above to visit Nextrip’s desktop version for Metro Rail.

The Nextrip program that currently provides real-time arrival information for bus service has been expanded to include real-time arrivals for Metro Rail.

There are multiple ways to access the Nextrip real-time train arrival information. It can be viewed on the web, via smart phone browser, by texting a Metro bus stop ID number to 41411 and via telephone by dialing 511 and saying, “Nextrip.” (A Nextrip Rail app is in development.) And coming up soon, electronic signs on the train platforms will show real-time arrival information rather than the scheduled arrival times displayed now.

While the program continues to roll out, riders should give themselves extra time to ensure they don’t miss the train. The service is brand new and still being tweaked. As always, let us know what you think. Is it working for you?

If using a smart phone to access real-time rail info, remember to enable Nextrip to use your current location if it asks. The Nextrip mobile site also allows you how to look up arrival times at all rail stations: on a smartphone, click on “menu,” then “select specific stop” and then select “Los Angeles Rail” from the next list. At that point, select the Metro Rail line and then select a station.

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  1. Looking at the projected arrival times for Culver City, it seemed to be working, showing trains 14 and 26 minutes out.

    It didn’t, however, show the train I was sitting on that was left two minutes later or the train that arrived at about the same time.

    I looked ahead to the next station and it also didn’t show the train I was on, so for what it’s worth, it was the 6:09 train out of Culver City with car 144A at the front.

  2. The smart phone version does not detect the location on Windows Phone 8. It gets stuck at “Determining Location please wait”. The end result is that the user has to manually go through the Agency > Route > Direction > Stop pages on a mobile phone to get to the predictions.
    The page works on iPhone and iPad. Just not on Windows Phone.

    • Hi BlogReader;

      Thanks much for the feedback. I’ll pass on your description of the issue to our tech folks.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Frankly this is infinitely more useful than your Metro iphone app. Any plans to update your app w/ this real time info?

  4. The only issue with the Metro Rail Nextrip is the failure of the system with you are in a tunnel right now. It will be different when they get wireless in the RED/PURPLE/BLUE line tunnels. When will that be

  5. With subway maintenance dropping downtown corridor service from 5 minutes to 20 minutes many weeknights this is crucial information to know, especially when you’re trying to connect to Metrolink or some other low frequency service.

  6. I noticed this the other day when heading home from USC. I used to check the 754 on and then open up the GoMetro app to check the Expo Line, to see which was coming sooner. (I live near Vermont and Sunset, so either route works.) It’s nice to be able to see both in one place now!

  7. I really hope they suddenly don’t shut down the real-time info After 8:30pm during the week. Honestly, this would come in very helpful during maintenance time.

  8. This certainly can’t hurt. When I’m on the 4 heading East and need to connect to the Red Line to get Downtown this will be advantageous. If the train is coming in 10 minutes then I can run over to Subway to purchase a sandwich instead of having to go all the way downstairs, find out it’s coming in 10 min and just saying f*ck it I’ll stay downstairs.

  9. My question is the subway stations for the Red and Purple Lines have signs in the stations; they used to have real time arrival of the trains. A couple of weeks ago I used the Red Line and the arrival times for both lines were not working; when they have worked very well all along. I wish we had signage like Bart where you can clearly see the information in the stations.

  10. Hey msgeekmedia, Metro approved a contract to bring cell service to all underground stations, it’ll take 2 years to build out the network so be patient. However, this is fantastic. During rush hour trains are sometimes delayed and run a few minutes behind schedule.

  11. I think this is useful for passengers on the way to the station either on the bus or walking to the station to know when the next train(s) or in some cases for connecting trains. If you’re on the underground station platform, then there’s already monitors that tell you when the next trains is schedule to arrive.

    • We’ll be putting up a post soon on new app coming in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned! Thanks for your comment. Kim

  12. This is kind of absurd unless 1.) we get WiFi in all Red and Purple Line stations and those light rail stations which do not get mobile phone reception, or 2.) the TV displays in Red and Purple Line stations now will display Nextrip data for arrivals of trains. Yes, most light rail stations on the Metro system do have mobile phone reception, but underground stations don’t. For an example of an underground light rail station that is a dead zone for mobile phone reception, there’s Memorial Park Station on the Gold Line.

    • Yes, the TV displays in the Red and Purple Line will have real-time info, as will light rail. This is being tested now.