A few notes on the Metrolink TAP-enabled tickets

If you hold the ticket up to the light, you'll see where the antennae is embedded.

If you hold the ticket up to the light, you’ll see where the antennae is embedded.

Now that Metrolink riders have their new TAP-enabled tickets, they should have no problems getting through the Metro fare gates. Just to make sure everything goes smoothly though, a few quick tips.

  • Don’t fold or bend the antennae embedded in the ticket. This could damage the antennae and prevent it from working. The best way to keep the ticket in working order is to keep it in a pass case or wallet. However…
  • Credit cards, rewards cards, expired TAP-enabled tickets or smart phones could interfere with the antennae. This bit of anec-data has only been passed around a few times so far, but it seems the magnetic strip or NFC (near field communication) chip can mess with the antennae signal. So if you’re having trouble getting your Metrolink pass to work at a TAP reader, check to make sure you don’t have your ticket layered on a bunch of other cards or old passes.
  • Finally, when tapping your Metrolink ticket, don’t cover the antennae with your fingers. If you cover the antennae, the TAP reader may not be able to pick up the signal. To ensure optimal TAP ease, hold the ticket by the bar code side. Scan one side for Metrolink, TAP the other for Metro!

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