Bus service changes begin June 23

Here is the news release from Metro:

Effective Sunday, June 23, Metro will make a series of minor changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bus service including more midday service on the popular Metro Orange Line and better connectivity to Olive View Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley.

Metro will provide additional midday service on the Metro Orange Line improving the frequency of buses from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes on weekdays. Additional service also will be added to improve late night service.

Olive View Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley will get better connectivity by renumbering existing Line 290 to Line 90 so passengers will now be able to board Line 90 buses with continuous service to and from the medical facility.

The City of Los Angeles is launching the Bringing Back Broadway project which will reduce traffic by one lane in the southbound direction on Broadway in Downtown LA for sidewalk improvements between 1st and 11th streets. To reduce bus congestion and ensure bus schedules are maintained, Metro will move the southbound buses on Lines 30/330 and 40 from Broadway to Spring St. Lines 45 and 745 will remain on Broadway in both directions. Once the streetscape plan is complete on Broadway, all northbound lines will have major stop changes.

Below is a list of planned service changes and route modifications to start on June 23, 2013. For complete details, look for revised timetables on metro.net or on buses during June.

Line 40 Downtown LA – South Bay Galleria via MLK Bl – Hawthorne Bl

Minor route and stop changes due to upcoming implementation of the Broadway Streetscape Plan. Southbound buses are routed via Spring St from 1st St to 11th St, then over to Broadway and regular route.

Line 30/330 Pico/Rimpau-Downtown LA-Indiana Station via Pico Bl & East 1st St

Minor route and stop changes due to upcoming implementation of the Broadway Streetscape Plan. Southbound buses are routed via Spring St from 1st St to Pico Bl, then regular route.

Line 290 Olive View Medical Center – Sunland via Foothill Bl

Line 290 is renumbered Line 90. Passengers may now board a Line 90 bus with continuous service to and from Olive View Medical Center. A minor route improvement near Olive View Medical Center also allows southbound buses to serve the new Olive View Community Mental Health Center.

Line 603 Glendale Galleria-Grand Station via Hoover St, Rampart Bl & San Fernando Rd

Minor southbound reroute to Alvarado St from Westlake Av between 6th and 7th Sts.  Passengers may board Line 603 on Alvarado St at Wilshire Bl.

Metro Orange Line – Chatsworth Station – North Hollywood Station

Weekday midday service will be improved from every 10 to 8 minutes.  Also late night service will have minor improvements.  

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  1. Steve: will the new Red Line and Purple Line timetables be separated instead of combined this time around?

  2. Judging from the preview of the Orange Line Schedule its really hard to tell the “Late Night” improvement because they look the same as the Dec.16,2012 revision of the schedule and there is a route error on the preview the orange line does not travel on victory

  3. Why won’t #91 do the same as what #90 is doing? This would make better sense.

  4. Hopefully with the new schedule changes the Metro app for the iphone gets updated for retina display support on the iphone 4/4s/ipod touch 4th gen and iphone 5/ipod touch 5th gen support for the 4-inch display. It is highly needed.

  5. Late night service on the Orange Line is abysmal at the moment. There have been two issues. First, the perpetual late-night construction on the Red Line is resulting in trains reaching NoHo about 4-5 minutes before the scheduled departure of the Orange Line bus. This would actually be okay, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Orange Line buses are LEAVING EARLY from the NoHo Terminus, resulting in passengers waiting on the platform for 24 MINUTES AT MIDNIGHT for the next one. Fortunately, we all get a little contact high from the multiple people smoking weed and other drugs on the NEVER-STAFFED platform.

  6. God forbid the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY BUS LINES should see any improvements!

    • As you likely know, many of the buses that run in the SGV are run by Foothill Transit.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • I also likely now (since I EXPERIENCE IT DAILY!) that the MTA has MULTIPLE BUS LINES in the SGV-e.g. Lines 70, 770, 266, 270, 190, 194. Yet there are ZERO IMPROVEMENTS to any of THOSE LINES! WHY NOT?

  7. Want to thank Metro for the minor timetable changes to line 167 in the valley, which connects CSUN with the Chatsworth Metrolink station. Line 167 has 40 minute – 60 minute headways all day. Metro made minor changes to the schedule to better sync up with the Metrolink train times – one of the runs is now ten minutes earlier, in order to meet with the train better, and another one is a couple minutes later, in order to meet with the train better. All of the other runs are untouched or have 1-2 minute adjustments. Thank you Metro for adjusting your timetables to better help people make their connections!