Downtown buses detouring for one more president today

Run for the Valley … or be patient, make alternate travel plans and/or join the celebration. In addition to a Westside snarled by President Obama’s mid-day visit today, downtown L.A. will be a traffic mess this afternoon and evening when former President Bill Clinton and other celebs drop by Grand Park to attend Celebrate LA — last party in a series of heritage celebrations and also a farewell bash for outgoing Mayor Villaraigosa. (Anna Chen’s Go Metro Weekends has details.) The point here is that Spring Street, which runs north/south in front of City Hall, is closed. So just assume that any bus you might take through downtown L.A. will be detoured around the Grand Park/City Hall venue. The party runs 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. but the detours will be around until early tomorrow.

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  1. Friday, rush hour, Obama raising money from Millionaires and SoCal residents have to be late to picking up their children, getting home or missing their buses. Ah, that ‘Hope We Can Believe In’ is something, isn’t it?