Here is the presentation from Thursday night's Purple Line Extension community meeting

Purple Line Extension June meeting PPT

Above is the PowerPoint from tonight’s community meeting for the Purple Line Extension project. The meeting covered the first 3.9-mile segment of the project, which will be built over the next decade and include three new stations at Wilshire/La Brea, Wilshire/Fairfax and Wilshire/La Cienega. Utility relocations are underway with more work to continue in 2014. Major construction is scheduled to begin in 2014; work on the La Brea station will start in the latter half of the year.

Please take the time to scroll through the presentation. A lot of topics are covered, including how Metro will work with businesses and homeowners to reduce construction disruptions, hours that construction may be taking place and construction timelines. There are also slides explaining how stations will be excavated and decked to help keep car traffic moving while work continues below ground.

The next big milestone for the project will be the awarding of a construction contract, which is scheduled to happen later this year. Digging will also soon begin on an exploratory shaft that is across the street from LACMA and will provide Metro with data needed to refine station and tunnel design in the area.

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  1. MTA is out of funds because they chose to build lines like the Gold extension to ELA and Duarte, and Crenshaw to nowherere instead of extending Purple. THIS explains why they are “out of money” and the taxpayers’ are broke.

  2. Yes about the TBMs: if I remember, the TBMs from previous phase were left in place @ Western/Wilshire, and specifically so they could continue use. Why aren’t those being utilized?

  3. Uh, they (billionaires) worry about investors. Not a single private for profit entity nor individual billionaire would even consider buying out LACMTA (as if it could be done? Not) nor constructing such a project as the Westside extension: it all costs too much money and they would never see a profit. The private sector left public transit in the country a long time ago from streetcars and commuter rail. This is why the government had to provide transit services.

  4. If Rick Caruso were to buy out Metro, the La Cienega station would be built in a year. Government has to wait for funds to show up. Billionaires don’t have to worry about funds.

  5. @Robb

    Great question.


    Money + voters. Remember they were trying to push Measure J to finish the entire line in about a decade, but 33.9% of voters said no so it didn’t pass.

  6. Five years to build La Cienega station (*after* station excavation and tunneling)? I hope this has to do with funds availability, rather than the capabilities of the contractor. I can’t imagine building a single station inside a box that is already excavated and prepared would take five years.

  7. Why would the TBM’s need to be removed at La Cienega? Can’t they just continue west for the next phase of construction?

  8. Steve, thank you for posting this. I hope this becomes standard going forward for the benefit of those unable to attend the actual presentation.