Summary of public comments on Union Station Master Plan draft alternatives

The above is a summary of the 44 public comments received after the community meeting earlier this month on the draft alternatives for the Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan. Please scroll to page three to see a breakdown of the comments. Comments run the gamut from the need for more restrooms in the station to concerns about cost.

The plan is seeking to improve Union Station for decades to come by making transit access easier and better using space at the facility. In addition, the plan is also trying to identify the best place to accommodate the high-speed rail project that is planned to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here is an earlier post on the draft alternatives, as well as a Q&A on the ongoing plan process. This post from April features a few dozen photos of the station both in its current form and some historic pics. And here are a pair of videos of meeting attendees commenting on the draft alternatives.

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