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  1. For another benchmark of Expo’s completion date, comparing Expo’s Phase 2 timeline to Phase 1, Phase 1 track construction began east of Crenshaw in November 2009 and was complete around 7 months later, including the embedded track on Flower and rails on the La Brea and La Cienega bridges.

    So Phase 1 bridges and track were complete in mid-2010 and it opened less than two years later – including the delays around the Flower / Washington junction. If Phase 2 is at the same stage of completion at the end of 2013 then a fall 2015 opening seems reasonable.

    • Hi Oren;

      I’ve heard the media report both dates. Again, I want to stress that this is a forecast and these things sometimes change. In the meantime, I’ll try to continue to try to steer readers to the most recent data. At this point, things seem to be going well on both projects currently under construction and we’ll continue to try to update you on the work as it proceeds.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Steve, the report you linked to says the completion date is November 2016. It also says the “original” date is the same, November 2016. Has this been the completion date all along? Is Metro officially forecasting that later 2016 date?

    • Hi Oren;

      I believe from Metro’s point of view this has the been forecast date for some time now — not sure I can accurately say “all along” as the original Measure R expenditure plan had 2015. Please keep in mind that completion date from Expo Construction Authority and Metro may be apples and oranges; the Authority tends to give dates when project is likely to be complete, Metro tends to give dates when it will actually open.

      Also, I emphasize the word “forecast” is being used. In my time with Metro, I can definitely say that opening dates can be somewhat fluid depending on how things are going. The good news with Expo and Foothill is that both so far seem to be going very well.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. EXPO Line phase-2 Will Be Ready for Testing and Operator training in 2015 and metro saying 2016 is so out of touch with what is done and going on with the Project and if the Supreme court sides with Expo and not the NFSR the work will Pick up even Faster

  4. Expo Phase 2 opening in November 2016 seems awfully far out considering that the Expo Authority’s presentations this spring include this timeline:
    2013 — Bridge and Station Construction, Utility Relocation, Sound walls and Track Installation
    2014 — Roadway Improvements, Station Finishes, Electrical System, Train Control, and Landscaping Installation
    2015 — Systems Testing and Pre-Revenue Operations
    Given the pace of construction so far they’ll complete the 2013 construction on schedule. My biggest question is, when will new LRVs needed for Expo Phase 2 and the Gold Line to Azusa arrive from Kinki-Sharyo?

    • Hey Darrell;

      Hope all is well. Here’s what we reported on The Source last year:

      Under the new contract with Kinkisharyo, 28 of the new rail cars are scheduled to be delivered by 2015 and a total of 62 by May 2016. If the four options are fulfilled, the delivery of the 235 total rail cars would be complete by Feb. 2020.

      I’m not sure if anything has changed. Metro staff gives construction updates and opening forecasts at the Board meetings each month; those reports are online.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Thanks, Steve! That seems enough new LRVs to open Phase 2 (and Azusa), considering that they can’t run Expo trains on less than 12-minute headways until the Regional Connector is finished.

  5. Oscar,

    Were you surprised as I was that the trains in Japan were always on time and how everything was super-duper efficient?

  6. Nov 2016 does seem kinda pessimistic considering the fast pace of construction. you sure it isn’t Nov 2015?

  7. You say Expo will be open in Santa Monica in November 2016? The buildexpo.org website still says open by 2015. Is this 2016 date confirmed??? That is a big difference in schedule.

  8. Love reading these. Hey quick question – do you if the future trains being ordered will enable movement from car to car? I was in Japan recently and all their trains have this. This feature is quite handy and necessary.