Update on Crenshaw/LAX Line construction contract

For the folks out there following this: Metro CEO Art Leahy has informed the Metro Board that agency staff will not release a recommendation for a contract award to build the Crenshaw/LAX Line light rail project in time for this month’s Board meeting.

Please stay tuned and we’ll let you know when the bidding information will be released.

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  1. They have not yet made the decision on who the contract will be awarded too. I too am eager to learn who gets the award as I would like to work on the project managing the traffic control.

  2. I will like to know what contractor is getting the crenshaw line

  3. Dana, I am glad that Metro is building these projects to improve Public Transport options here in LA. I wish that there was more rail here on the Westside of LA in Santa Monica,Venice, Culver City, Palms and Beverly Hills. If you go to other modern cities around the world i.e. SF, Seattle, NYC, London, Paris, Fukuoka, and Tokyo they have a rail line and public transport that goes directly into the Airport!! I think that a rail line alongside the busy 405 freeway would definitely help alleviate traffic as most traffic on the 405 fwy goes to and from LAX International Airport and the westside to the valley…

  4. 25 years plus to get here. Another 25 years plus (if at all) to get there.

  5. Lance, a rail down the I-405 should continue from Torrance to Long Beach Airport — maybe someday all the may to John Wayne!

  6. Morris I. Warren, Crenshaw/MLK station was what the community wanted. BTW the optional station is not at Leimert Park but near it — off of 48th and Crenshaw. This is due to topography.

  7. Lance, Green Line extension to South Bay Galleria is a Measure R funded project. LAX connection will be part of Crenshaw line. I-405 corridor is being looked at for public-private partnership to jumpstart just what you describe.

  8. I believe that the Crenshaw/LAX Line is a good start, but Why not build a Heavy Rail Line with Rapid service alongside the busy 405 freeway from the SF Valley to LAX Airport and Torrance in the South Bay?? We need a RAPID Transport System like BART for the future of LA!! It is a shame that LA doesn’t have rapid transport esp. on the Westside… Imagine what life would be like not having to waste time and money stuck in traffic. Why does Metro build lines that start nowhere and go nowhere i.e. Green Line LAX station that was built 2 miles away from LAX International Airport Terminals 1-7… Please re-think where your Rail lines are built! Thanks, Lance

  9. Why not bid that the Leimert Park station be built INSTEAD OF the Crenshaw/MLK station??!

    Comments anyone?

    • Hi Morris;

      The answer is because the project that was environmentally approved by the Metro Board included the station at MLK with an optional station at Leimert Park.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source