City of Agoura Hills breaks ground on Canwood Street Improvements Project


From left to right: Greg Ramirez, City Manager; Lan Saadatnejadi, Metro Highway Program Executive Officer; Ben Jong, Metro Project Manager; Illece Buckley-Weber, Councilwoman; Bill Koehler, Mayor Pro Tem; Ramiro Adeva, Public Works Director.

Photo by Luis Inzunza/Metro

This morning, the City of Agoura Hills and Metro broke ground on the Canwood Street Improvements Project. The project, scheduled to begin on April 29, will receive full funding of $1.1 million for construction from Measure R.

“We are deeply appreciative of Metro’s support for this much needed project,” said William Koehler, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Agoura Hills. “Without Metro and the help of Metro staff, we would have had a difficult time moving the project forward.”

The improvements to Canwood Street will maintain continued mobility and operational safety, both pedestrian and vehicular, along this corridor. The Canwood Street Improvements Project is Phase I of a larger project, the Agoura Road Widening Project, which is anticipated to start construction in 2014. All phases of this project are funded in full by Measure R. Both Agoura Road and Canwood Street serve as emergency by-pass routes for the 101 Freeway and their operational safety and capacity are imperative for the freeway in emergency events.

To see the project area and get more information, check out the Canwood Street Improvements notice or visit the city’s news site.

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