Sewer relocation work continues along Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor

Continued Relo Sewer 59th Pl 4.22.13

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  1. “or failing that, how is it going to be useful without physically connecting?”
    Well, I believe the idea is that Crenshaw/LAX will get one block closer to the airport than the Green Line does, by geting to Aviation/Century. And of couse it has stops in between; I guess it’s mostly for the neighborhoods.

  2. Right. Except that the whole raison d’etre for a Crenshaw/LAX line is to provide a single-seat, all-rail line from downtown (ideally from Union Station) to LAX. If it isn’t built as a branch of the Expo Line, and requires a transfer — even a free transfer — at Expo and Crenshaw, then one may as well save the entire cost of building the line, as it would be no improvement at all over the choice of either connecting from the Blue Line to the Green Line, or taking the Flyaway Bus.

    Now there would certainly be a precedent for having two separate stations in close proximity to each other, serving two different branches of the same line: at present (and until the Central Subway opens), the San Francisco MUNI’s “T” line operates as an extension of the K line, sharing the South Embarcadero track with the N line (and ball park service on the S line), but where the N and S lines end at the Caltrain Station, the T line turns the corner, and serves a station just across the street from it.

    So how/where is it going to physically connect to the Expo line, or failing that, how is it going to be useful without physically connecting?

  3. the crenshaw/LAX transit corridor fact sheet lists “crenshaw/expo” as a new station that will be built as part of that line. since there is already a station at expo/crenshaw, and that section of the crenshaw line will be underground, i take that to mean that they will replace the current station with a two-level station (like metro center)….it seems odd that they would be replacing a station that they just built, but construction isn’t planned to start on the crenshaw line until 2018, so that station will already be 6 years old…

  4. Sewer relocation? Oh. That section’s a subway. Hmm: And I see that the map also shows it in a subway from Leimert Park to where it connects with the Expo Line.

    A subway connecting directly with an existing street-running line. How is THAT going to work? I was just there last year, for Endeavour’s Long Crawl, and I don’t recall there being a whole lot of space for a portal right at Expo and Crenshaw.