Work on phase 5 of Blue Line’s Artesia Station Road repaving project begins this Friday

Work on the Artesia Blue Line Station’s road repaving project enters phase 5 this Friday, April 19. The project is approximately 2/3 completed, and some of the upcoming phases of the project have been modified to help reduce impacts to customers.

The station has remained open to the public throughout the duration of construction. However, work has involved relocating the main crosswalk, using a different area to drop off customers, and temporarily moving bus stops as different portions of the roadway were repaved during the various phases of the project. The work now planned for the remaining phases of the construction project is described below, after the jump.

A task force for this project has been meeting regularly to manage the project. This task force is comprised of representatives from all of the bus operators utilizing the station, and various Metro department representatives, including service planning, safety, security, operations, facilities, marketing, community relations, division managers, and others.

Customers have been advised about impacts associated with each phase of the project through rider alerts on buses, signage at the station, and additional staffing to assist customers during the construction process.

Listed below are details about the remaining phases of the project.

Phase 5 – Work originally planned for phase 7 has been moved up to follow the completion of phase 4. This work will begin on Friday, April 19, and is anticipated to be completed by around April 30. The roadway will be repaved between the temporary crosswalk and the kiss and ride area, on the parking lot side of the roadway. All customers will be let off their buses just in front of the temporary crosswalk, and will board all buses in the rear bus stops (bays 1-4), (furthest away from the station entrance).

Phases 6 and 7 – Beginning on or around May 3, construction will take place in the area currently reserved for bus layover parking. The temporary crosswalk will be removed and the existing crosswalk will be reopened. The impact to customer’s boarding and discharge locations is being evaluated, and will be communicated to customers via rider alerts and signage prior to May 3. These are the final phases of the project, and should be completed around May 15.

Customers using the Artesia Station should be aware that there will be increased traffic congestion during this construction project that may result in traffic delays which may impact bus schedules. If customers are interested in seeking alternative stations to the Artesia Metro Blue Line Station, they might consider the following stations: 103rd St/Watts Towers (63 spaces), Willowbrook (335 spaces), Del Amo (357 spaces), Wardlow (115 spaces) or Willow (899 spaces).