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  1. Bottom line is everyone has to TAP. I don’t know what’s so difficult about this concept. People do that everyone all over the world.

    The problem is how these validators are placed in the most absurdest places. Why can’t they just line up validators with gates? Just do this for crying out loud!

    This is how London places their validators. It’s built in with the gates. And they are all lined up! You have to TAP through to get the gates to open! If you don’t TAP it won’t let you through.

    I don’t understand the difficulty of this!

  2. One question I had about the “tapping everywhere” deal is how this is enforced. If someone has a day pass or a monthly pass do they still have to tap everywhere? If the answer is yes, will ticket validators pick up the fact that they have paid instead of having tapped? (The legal standard here seems to be fare evasion; it’s not possible to evade a fare when you’ve already paid.)

    There could be many reasons for someone to not tap, especially when they already have a valid pass and are rushing to catch transfers.

  3. So if one has a faulty TAP card, it’s $75 and possibly community service, and a court date???

    And not showing the sticker (IF one is carrying an EZ transit sticker, as a backup, just in case the card fails) will count?

    I need to know more about that person’s incident:

    1. There are vaildators, did the person tag on the validator?

    2. If so, the LACS carry small phones-like devices (unlike here in “Silicon Wasteland”, it’s a pretty big device to inspect the Clipper Card on BART, Caltrain, SFMTA rail, or SCVTA Rail) to inspect the card. I don’t think the small reader could be the culprit, but when my TAP card was tagged, the reader turned “red”, even though it was valid (I did see the screen turn red). I was never questioned, though.

    In my two weeks there, yes I had to give up my card after upgrading to a higher EZ trainsit pass ($150 P3, which is a better value than the SCVTA Express Pass for $140, due to the Silver Streak) I never had my card fail.