Green Line to Cleveland and Philly? Check out this fun transit map


This piece of awesomeness comes from the xkcd blog and neatly ties together North America’s urban rail systems using some fun, albeit questionable, geography.

Under this scenario, one leg of the Gold Line would run to Chicago and the other San Francisco; two pretty options if you fall asleep and miss your stop in the San Gabriel Valley or East L.A. The Red Line would also visit San Francisco.

The Green Line, however, seems to get the short end of the stick with the Norwalk end of the line terminating in Cleveland and a South Bay Extension swinging east to Philadelphia. The Blue Line would also visit Philly via Long Beach. Hopefully there will be stops in Colorado ski country, Yellowstone and Cincinnati enroute with the Cincy station including a Skyline Chili counter.

Hat tip: Carter Rubin and Alex Boekelheide.


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  1. @James: I’ve ridden the Morgantown PRT. It only takes quarters and it’s rusted up to all hell. A VERY ’70s transit solution.

  2. Indeed. When I vacationed in New York City a few years ago, I learned that everybody there really does ride the subway. And one evening in particular, it seemed as if they were all trying to get on the same train.

  3. I think that I will print this and keep it with me when riding Metro. When someone asks for directions, out it comes.

    That is not far off from a Manhattanite view of their system, it goes everywhere you want to go, and if the subway doesn’t go there, why would you want to go there?.

  4. My favorite parts are the station in Sunnydale, CA and the Springfield Monorail loop 😛

  5. Hmm. Cleveland Circle on the Boston T connecting to Cleveland, OH. Questionable geography indeed. Not sure where they came up with a “Forest Park Pasadena Shuttle Bus. Wow: they have the Morgantown PRT in there. I’d read about it back when it was being built, but I wasn’t aware that it had been successful, much less that it was still running. But what do I need to ride it? TAP? Clipper? CharlieCard? CTA pass?

  6. That should be quite an adventure! Is it possiblr to travel across by public transit? Hmmmmm…..