Work begins on Expo Line bridge over Venice Boulevard

EXPO LINE 04-01-2013 074


Photo by ExpoLine Fan

Now that’s a big drill! That’s work being done last night to drill one of the holes that will hold a column supporting the Expo Line bridge over Venice Boulevard.

Check out a lot more construction photos of the Expo Line’s second phase on ExpoLine Fan’s Flickr photostream. The second phase of the Expo Line is funded by Measure R and will extend the current line from Culver City for 6.6 miles to downtown Santa Monica.

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  1. Through Cheviot Hills and West LA, it’s where the old rail line was located. You can look on Google Maps or other mapping sites that show property lines or satellite views and see where the light rail right of way is.

  2. Has it been determined yet if the second phase of the Expo Line is going along the old right of way through Palms & Cheviot Hills or is it going along Venice Blvd and up Sepulveda Blvd? Has that information yet been made available? Maybe I missed seeing it.

  3. Great, okay, lets make a bet…who will finish first, the Gold Line to Azusa or the Expo Line to Santa Monica? I know the Azusa segment is longer, but the work needed for the Gold Line to me seems “easier” than the Expo Line, which although shorter, might require more work.

    • Hi M. Smith;

      I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I believe there are more bridges needed to build the Gold Line than the Expo Line and the Gold Line also has to contend with sharing a segment of its alignment with an active BNSF track, not to mention a very large maintenance facility in Monrovia and parking at all of the stations. A lot of the rail alignment was well preserved, but there’s a lot of work to do.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source