Preview of April Metro Service Councils meetings

The San Fernando Valley Service Council will once again lead off this month’s series of Service Council meetings on Wednesday, April 3, in Van Nuys. A wide range of topics will be covered at the various meetings. Please note that some of the presentations are tentative at the time of this posting.

For more information about each Service Council, click on the name of the Council listed after the jump to view their web page. All Service Council meetings include a report from Metro Service Council Director Jon Hillmer providing previous month’s statistics on ridership, performance and other measures of Metro service.

Meeting topics for Service Council meetings in April include:

San Fernando Valley (6:30 pm, Wednesday, 4/3) Report on Express Service for Van Nuys Blvd. Bus Lines 233 and 761 Corridor Study, Report on San Fernando Valley COG Transportation Priorities Motion (Antonovich/Yaraslovsky/Najarian), Update on Latching of Rail Station Gates, Update on Synchronization of Metro Bus, Metro Rail, and Metrolink Schedules. In addition, the Service Council Director will also provide information about elevator service, and the Council will commemorate their 10th Anniversary.

San Gabriel Valley (5 pm, Monday, 4/8) –  Update on the ExpressLanes Program, Update on Foothill Extension Station Name Recommendations (tentative), Update on Line 485 Service.   In addition, the Service Council Director will also provide a report  including a breakdown of complaints by line, and the Council will commemorate their 10th Anniversary.

Westside/Central (5 pm, Wednesday, 4/10) –  Report on the Westside/Central Corridor Study recommended options for Lines 2/302, 4, 704 & 16/316, Update on Latching of Rail Station Gates, and the Service Council Director’s Report.

Gateway Cities (2 pm, Thursday, 4/11) –  Presentation on Metro’s Veterans Hiring Initiative, Service Recommendations for Florence Avenue (Gateway Cities Corridor study lines), Service CouncilDirector’s report, including information on Wheelchair Passups by Line.

South Bay (9:30 am, Friday, 4/12) – Update on the ExpressLanes Program (tentative), presentation on Metro’s Disparity Study Final Report (tentative), Discussion on South Bay Corridor Workshop recommendations, Service Council Director’s Report, including information on Metro’s Policies and Procedures regarding strollers, shopping cart, and mobility devices.

For a detailed listing of all Council meeting dates, times and locations, click here. As always, the public is encouraged to attend and share their comments with the Service Councils on improving bus service throughout LA County. If you would like to provide input to a Council but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the Service Council web page or send them to service If your comments are for a specific Council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing in your e-mail.

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