Photos of the Dodger Stadium Express in action today





























Photos by Luis Inzunza and Anna Chen/Metro

Here are a few photos of the Dodger Stadium Express ferrying fans to the Dodgers opening day game, which they won 4 to 0 over the Dodgers. The Express will be back in action for Tuesday night’s 7:10 p.m. game with the Giants; all the info you need about the free shuttle is here.

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  1. Steve C: That’d be Patsaouras Transit Plaza on the east side of Union Station.

  2. Where is that first picture at? Is that@LAUS?If only the Tampa Bay Rays could do something and learn from Los Angeles, it might help their attendance.

    • Hi David,

      They were cards with emergency contact/Sheriff’s hotline numbers.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  3. I’m curious if it’s been decided how the dedicated DSE lanes will be implemented? I am very excited about this prospect as I think it will be very successful at providing an incentive at getting people to take the bus rather than drive.