Zip Car now available at Los Angeles Union Station

Here’s the announcement from Metro:

Zip Car, the Nation’s largest car sharing service, is now available at Los Angeles Union Station! There are currently 4 cars on site; 2 are located in Lot B at the front of the station and 2 are near the Mozaic Apartments. For a nominal fee, users have access to a vehicle, gas, insurance and up to 180 miles per day.  Zip Car is available for rent by the hour or on a daily basis if needed.  The recent merger of Zip Car with Avis Rental Cars ensures that supply will be able to meet the growing demand for this flexible transportation service that can support your transit commute. To register or to learn more about Zip Car, please visit

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  1. The Car2Go concept is more like bikesharing in that you can leave a car somewhere else, and someone else will take it from that spot. Unfortunately it only works for more compact areas but they are trying it out in San Diego and I hope it works. It’s the ultimate one way rental at $14 an hour – you can go 10-15 miles in that distance even in rush hour traffic.

  2. Assuming Cesar Chavez Avenue/Sunset Boulevard and the strech of Elysian Park Way from Sunset Boulevard up to Dodger Stadium are all on bike routes (whether it be bike paths, bike lanes and/or signed bike routes), and that Dodger Stadium has at least 1 bike rack, I suppose the most cost effective way to go between Union Station and Dodger Stadium during times the Dodger Stadium Express isn’t running is to ride your bike up to Dodger Stadium on days when it’s not raining, and rent a zip car for the day on days when it is raining.

  3. There are also two cars at the Wilshire/ Vermont Station. That’s how I get around!

  4. Yes the thing about ZipCar to keep in mind is they charge an hourly fee on your rental, though there is a daily cap. (*cough TAP card still can’t do that 😛 ) However, while the hourly fee is a bit high, keep in mind you don’t pay for gas or insurance, which are both quite high right now.

  5. A great resource that has actually been up and running for several months. My only concern is that the cars are already in high demand. More may be needed. (P.S. I think is currently running a special on ZIPcar memberships.)

  6. @Michael Stoker

    Yes, but that would also cost you somewhere around $40-$50 dollars for the 4-5 hours you would need the car. A better option for you would be a bike share.

    Isn’t Bike Nation supposed to set up shop at Union Station soon?

    • Indeed, Bike Nation is supposed to start operations in April. No further word on it yet, but I’m ready to sign up.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  7. @Michael – I am a ZipCar member and I really enjoy it. Technically, yes, you could absolutely pick up a car at Union and drive it to the stadium and back. However, the cars are about $7-10 an hour, which is excellent for a few quick errands, but if you work at the stadium (say an 6- or 8-hour shift) it’s unfortunately not a very cost-effective option.

  8. Great start, but isn’t 4 cars a bit low?

    And if it’s just getting around DTLA, I think Metro needs to also look at providing other alternatives like rental bicycles, motorcycles and scooters.

    NYC has them:
    So does Vancouver and Victoria, BC:

    Zippy, fast, fuel efficient, and cheap. It’s gaining popularity as the best way to get around town, especially in the times we live in with high gas prices.

    Metro may want to look into talking with local bicycle shops if they’d be interested in opening up shop near Union Station and Eagle Rider as they are the Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise for motorcycles and scooters.

  9. So let’s say I work at Dodger Stadium (a place that only has public transportation access 90 minutes before a Dodgers home game through 60 minutes after the end of a Dodgers home game) during hours when the Dodger Stadium Express isn’t running, I could take the Metrolink to Union Station and then rent one of these zip cars and drive myself to and from Union Station to Dodger Stadium and then ride back home from Union Station on the Metrolink?