Public hearing next week on proposal to build HOT lanes on I-5 in Santa Clarita area

I-5 HOT lanes meeting notice

The meeting notice is above; the meeting is from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. this Thursday, March 28, at Santa Clarita City Hall in the Council chambers.

The project proposes to accelerate the construction of 13.5 miles of HOV lanes by making them HOT lanes — i.e. lanes in which vehicles with one or two occupants would pay a toll (the toll would apply to two-occupant vehicles only at peak hours). Here’s a post with many more details about the project.

The hearing is required because the project’s environmental study, completed in 2009, must be amended to include the newly-proposed HOT lanes.

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  1. […] Castaic and Santa Clarita Valley residents, be sure to turn out tomorrow and be heard regarding a proposed Metro/Caltrans project to accelerate the build of carpool lanes from SR-14 to Parker Road. Project acceleration is made possible by charging carpool lane users a toll to fund its construction. Copies of the Environment Report are available at local libraries including the Castaic Public Library and more detailed project information on Metro’s website and its blog, the Source. […]

  2. I live out in the impacted area (Castaic) and that entire stretch, from the SR-14 to Parker Road, has no Soundwall protection. Without reading the EIR (I’ll try to before Thursday’s meeting), can someone address the how this project which sounds construction-heavy will address noise concerns?

    Finally, we only have the Old Road in addition to I-5 as a north-south route. How will the Old Road be impacted by this project as well.

    Maybe these are questions better answered at the meeting? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Joe;

      Good questions–I don’t have the answer. I believe that’s an issue that is either in the EIR for the project that is being recirculated — here’s link to the report. I think that’s certainly fair game for the meeting.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source