Report gives America’s infrastructure a scathing D+ but applauds Metro's America Fast Forward initiative for transit projects

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has released its report card on America’s infrastructure and it’s not one we’d be proud to show Mom. “Report Card for America’s Infrastructure” awarded our nation a dismal D+ and was particularly critical of the state of our nation’s roads, transit and aviation facilities. That segment earned a D.

Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV), ranking Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, responded by criticizing plans to reduce the federal government’s committee for transportation programs and projects. “It is high time that we move beyond just rhetoric when it comes to the state of our infrastructure and recognize that it is about the money,” Rahall said.

One positive note was applause for Metro’s America Fast Forward initiative. “Los Angeles County’s move from car capital of the world to transit capital of the United States is being driven by $15 billion in transit funds approved by county voters and with the assistance of America Fast Forward, the innovative finance section of MAP-21, America’s new surface transportation law,” the report said.

“America Fast Forward offers over $20 billion in new federal lending power over the next two years. By helping communities leverage their transportation resources and stretch federal dollars further than they have been stretched before, America Fast Forward will reshape our nation’s infrastructure while employing tens of thousands of workers to build a stronger and more mobile America.

“Implementing America Fast Forward in Los Angeles County alone will create over 160,000 highway and transit construction-related jobs, increase ridership by an estimated 77 million trips per year, reduce emissions from vehicles and save an estimated 10.3 million gallons of gasoline annually.”

“Report Card for America’s Infrastructure,” released every four years, was compiled by a committee of about 30 engineers from around the nation, including Metro Deputy CEO Paul Taylor.

Check out the report and let us know what you think. Here’s the link.

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  1. I applaud Metro’s initiative and the voters of LA County who have made this possible with their vote on Measure R. LA’s future looks bright. Now if Congress could just get its act together to help speed up these vital projects, that’d be great!