New staff report on Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan spells out a big priority: ensuring Union Station helps transit users get where they're going

Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan update

Above is a Metro staff report on the ongoing Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan process. The gist of it: the main priority of the plan is to ensure that the station functions well for buses, trains and, of course, transit users. That’s a big deal because the station is extremely busy now and likely to get only more so in the future, particularly as transit expands in our region. There’s also the possibility that high-speed rail could arrive at Union Station one day.

Please read the report, which spells out the many issues.

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4 replies

  1. Yes, better signage in the “meantime.” Also, too much confusion among uninitiated as to which is a Metrolink ticket machine and Metro ticket machine.

  2. Why shouldn’t Metro plan for potential HSR? I like the meantime improvements that can be done RIGHT now until a Master Plan is finalized. Better signage for one.