Tying the Big Blue Bus to the future Expo Line to Santa Monica

Big Blue Bus & the Expo Line

I plucked the above power point from the Westside/Central Service Council agenda — it explains the process that Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus [BBB] will use to eventually integrate service with the Expo Line when the project is completed all the way to Santa Monica.

It’s an interesting challenge for the BBB because a lot of its service is already east-west oriented and the Expo Line, of course, will also run mostly east-west. The challenge, I’m guessing, will be connecting some major destinations via bus to the rail line — i.e. Century City, UCLA, Santa Monica College, Main Street in Santa Monica and the whole Venice scene.

Any specific recommendations, Source readers?

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  1. I certainly hope that they retain the Rapid 10, which will beat Expo for many of us most of the time.

  2. I certainly hope they eliminate the Rapid 10 when the Expo Line phase two opens and use the large amount of hours that route consumes to expand service on their existing N-S routes. In particular, more late night and weekend service is needed on Routes 12 and 14.

  3. BBB should more or less get out of the east-west long-distance transportation business. They’re doing a good job of it, but using Expo will be faster and will free up money for other services.

    Lines like the 7, 10, and 12 that mostly bring people to and from Santa Monica can be replaced by a combination of the Expo line and north-south neighborhood shuttles. By doing a timed transfer from Expo to the shuttle (where the shuttle leaves only after the train has arrived, even if the train is late), the inconvenience of a transfer will be minimized, and passengers will be assured of a timely arrival. (Transferring from the shuttle to Expo won’t be quite as bulletproof, of course, but shuttles can at least be scheduled to arrive slightly before a train.)

    Shuttles should ideally be cheap — perhaps 25 cents like a Dash (though hopefully more reliable than Dash), or perhaps free with purchase of fare on Expo.

  4. Would be great if we could use our tap card; for those on a monthly pass, have a free ride on the BBB; and a marginal cost for those using their tap cards on a daily or weekly passes. I for one would rather get the bus to the expo line, than drive my car, but not willing to pay an extra $30 monthly to ride a mile or so, especially in the winter, when it’s dark coming or going to the expo line

  5. I agree with the some of the other suggestions that there needs to be more frequent BBB shuttles traveling north-south (heading to/from the Expo stations). That would not only make it more attractive to ride the Expo, but it would also cut down on the number of people driving their cars a short distance to and from the stations.
    And specifically, it may be a good idea to modify the Rapid 10 line to allow passengers to both embark and disembark at the Bundy/Olympic stop to catch the train at Expo/Bundy.

  6. You need to connect the Expo line with Torrance & Gardena buses on weekends.

  7. I Thank That Big Blue Bus Would Need To Expand More And Add rapid 14 From Fox Hills Transit Center To The Bundy And Olympic Station And Theres Are Gonna Be Needed For alot Of Exspanding Service For All Routs Fiquenley All Day Such As The Re Rout Blue Bus 13 All Day Service To service Palms And National Station.

  8. I think the BBB does offer some smaller-sized buses on some of its north-south routes. Might be a good opportunity to further their use (if they’re not already planning to do so).

  9. With Expo 2, there will be increase demand for N-S bus service on Lincoln, 17th Street, Bundy/Centinela, Sepulveda, and Westwood. BBB will need to beef up Crosstown (17th St), Rapid 12 (Westwood) and add Rapid 14 (Bundy). I don’t foreseen much changes needed on E-W bus other than perhaps more frequency on Line 5 as it is the only bus that currently serves Bergamot Station.

    Specific suggestions:
    1. Re-route Line 4 from current terminus/turn around point at Westwood/Pico to Westwood/Expo Station so it offers 1-bus connection to the VA from Expo line.

    2. Line 8/12/Rapid 12 will need to have new stops on Westwood/Expo Station.

    3. Re-route Line 5 to use Cloverfiled instead of 26th St in Midtown Santa Monica so it can serve the Bergamot Station properly.

    4. Add more frequency for Line 5 during rush hour or introduce Short Line Limited 5 between Century City and Culver City Station.

    5. Rapid 20 will no longer be necessary so BBB will have to figure out another way to position the Rapid 12 buses at Venice/Robertson.

    6. Add Rapid 14 for Bundy/Centinela corridor. Start at Fox Hills Transit Center, serves Olympic/Bundy Station, terminates at Sunset/Church (transfers to 2/302 and 761).

    7. Re-route Line 6 and 11 to serve 17th Street/SMC station.

    8. Re-route Crosstown Ride to serve 17th Street in both directions rather than 1-direction loop on 14th and 20th Street. Transfers to 17th Street/SMC station.

    9. Re-route the rush hour 1-direction “nanny shuttle” Line 13 to serve Palm Station and change it to all-day Rancho Park circulator in bi-directional loop that starts/ends at Palms Station:

    Start [Palms Station] National Blvd South bound
    Palms Blvd
    Motor Ave North bound
    National Blvd West bound
    Westwood Blvd North bound
    [Westwood/Expo] Station
    Pico Blvd East bound
    Manning/Motor Ave/Pico (former BBB Line 13 route)
    Beverwill Dr South bound
    Castle Heights Ave South bound
    National Blvd South bound
    End [Palms Station]

    The reverse direction bus follows the same route, but just in the opposite direction.

  10. maybe use shuttles similar to the DASH and offer them at the same price too, 50 cents. these would run N/S on the main arteries that connect to the Expo Line Stations.