Take a bus ride from Hollywood to Africa on the newest edition of Metro Motion

In the newest edition of Metro Motion we hop on the Fairfax Avenue bus for a trip from Hollywood to Little Ethiopia, where there’s a colorful gathering of establishments as bright as the African sun.

We visit Cambodia Town in Long Beach via the Blue Line to sample some of the best noodles this community — the largest outside Southeast Asia — has to offer.

With the L.A. River Bike Ride rolling up June 9, it seems like a great time to show viewers just how much fun the new bike path is. It’s also a great time to try out Metro since major construction at the L.A. Zoo, where the ride begins, will make parking a challenge. But Metro can carry participants — and their bikes — to the start of the ride, no hassle.

In another piece we meet with Metro’s executive director of highway projects, Doug Failing, who explains why the agency is involved in highway planning, what’s in store for our region’s roads and why Metro has the pedal to the metal fixing our traffic snarls.

We also take a look at the hidden costs of parking and find that even free parking can be expensive, both financially and in the negative impact it has on our driving habits. To counter those problems, the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art has enrolled in Metro’s employer pass program and as a result has saved thousands of dollars on parking costs.

Metro Motion runs quarterly on cable stations throughout Los Angeles County.