Update: delays on Expo and Blue lines, bus bridges in effect


Damage to an overhead power supply wire near the San Pedro Station resulted in power loss to the southbound Blue Line track and both Expo Line tracks this morning.

As of 9:10 a.m. power has been restored to the southbound Expo Line track. A bus bridge is still in effect between 7th/Metro and 23rd Street Station for Expo Line riders. Trains are running approximately every 15 minutes from 23rd Street Station.

The southbound Blue Line track will be out of service until repairs are completed. Extra trains have been deployed on the northbound Blue Line track. Shuttle service is operating between 7th/Metro to Grand, Grand to Washington, and Washington to Long Beach Transit Mall to assist with moving passengers. Trains are running approximately every 25-30 minutes from Washington to Long Beach Transit Mall.

Repairs to the overhead wire will commence immediately after the train is moved.

Metro is expecting to restore full service prior to the PM rush hour.

For most up to date information, get alerts on Twitter and follow station announcements.

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  1. Well the Silver Line would be an alternative, but for those who had already TAP-in at the Blue Line and Expo Line stations and paid cash fare, does Metro issue refunds for the $1.50 deducted from the TAP card? No. Is there a way to process the refund of the $1.50? No.

    So the people who TAP-in and already have $1.50 deducted are stuck there. Why should they lose out on $1.50 for Metro’s fault and fork over another $2.45 for the Silver Line on top of that?

    This is another reason why people hate Metro. You already paid the money, there’s no way to get a refund, and Metro fails to act upon delivering the goods.

  2. I am surprised metro did not mention passengers can take the Silver Line instead. This is the reason why Metro should lower the fare on the Silver Line.

  3. For those who are late should take Metro Silver Line as a 2nd line. Silver Line is more faster to get to Downtown LA with no delays and is only 3 stations on the ExpressLanes followed by Flower (Expo Line), Washington (Blue Line), Pico (Blue + Expo Lines), Olympic, 7th/Metro and etc.

  4. Nah, a task force will consist of creating more bureaucracy that does nothing except for eating up more tax dollars.

    I’m with Annoyed on how far behind we are with Tokyo. They have the best transit system in the world and they operate them with great efficiency that no other country can match.

    I say we should just replace everyone working at Metro with the Japanese transit operators. It’s like any other industry; you either hire newbies who don’t know jack or you hire those with experience.

    If the Japanese have a 100 year edge in running transit, that means they know a lot more in how to run transit than anyone at Metro.

    Why not just hire them instead? We’d be way better off letting the Japanese run our transit and we get to learn from the masters. I say that’s a far better use of tax dollars than paying the blokes working at Metro today.

    They can also teach us how to build trains, fare machines, ticket vending machines, and everything else related to transit right here in Southern California which will help create new jobs as well.

    I hope the next new mayor, Greuel or Garcetti, is reading The Source and take up the grievances noted here. They’re going to be sitting as the chair of Metro, they’re the ones who is going to be calling the shots. If they want the perspective of how Angelenos feel about public transit, The Source comments are the places where they should be paying close attention to.

  5. it sounds like a trained “task force” ought to be created to handle these situations. As the system gets bigger, we will have more of these outages. It would be good for Metro to prepare for these occurrences.

  6. Metro doesn’t even have a contingency plan when their funds run dry. If they are bad at finances (putting too much faith in the joke called the honor system), you guys expected them to be good at operations?

    Change doesn’t happen so long as we keep paying our tax dollars to the people working at Metro. Change happens when everyone say no more and call for massive reform on how Metro handles everything from its finances and its way of doing business.

  7. I love riding the Expo, in spite of its problems, but Metro service is an embarrassment, compared to any other large transit agency, wiht the possible exception of Washington Metro. The lack of communication is terrible. At least I got lucky this morning, as I only had to wait 5 minutes for the bus bridge to get me downtown from 23rd Street.

  8. Very unorganized at Washington station, no announcer, no polices, not enough shutter bus service, just a few metro officers. Metro had a least around 30 minutes ahead of time before the train arrived to Washington, why did not prepare? Bad service, and taking responsibility so lightly. What a shame!

  9. When Metrorail works – it’s great. But when some glitch causes shutdown and delay, it’s f**ked-up! Why doesn’t Metro have a CONTINGENCY PLAN to address these very foreseeable shutdowns to keep the lines moving?? All they do is make a b.s. announcement to “apologize for the inconvenience”. This morning we SAT and SAT for at least 50 minutes on a southbound Blue line train WAITING to be escorted out to the platform. Finally, someone just opened the emergency latch and many of us exited the train (safely, of course!) and walked to the nearest station and boarded another southbound train.

    Can someone in Metro explain the CONTINGENCY PLAN to EXPEDITIOUSLY move passengers along when there is a line shutdown??
    We need to hear HOW you are working to address this problem that will definitely happen again in the future.

  10. The Dumb person on the over head said it turned around on Jefferson and get in to read the site and it says 23rd.. Then said there will be buses waiting.NOT. Get there and have to wait 40 min just to get on a bus that took me no where near 7th and metro.. They really nee to work together to get this right…

  11. I waited for about 30 minutes at the Pico station after we were told to get off the west bound Expo line. In the meantime, I heard MANY announcements for the Blue line, but NOTHING for the Expo line until most the passengers were leaving the platform. Meanwhile, 2 blue lines went by. Why no announcement? I was 45 minutes late for work because no one said anything until I was almost off the platform. Metro transit on the Expo line is really unreliable and what makes it worse is that no one even bothered to give us instructions. Someone was joking that the LA transit system is about 100 years behind Tokyo. I wish that wasn’t confirmed for me on a monthly basis. Worst transit system I have ever experienced.