Looking ahead to March Service Council meetings

Metro’s round of monthly Service Council meetings will kick off this Wednesday night (March 6) with the San Fernando Valley meeting in Van Nuys. For the first time in several months, there will be no additional or date/time changes to any of the meetings since each Service Council has conducted their public outreach session to receive input on the corridor studies they are all conducting.
For information about the Council’s corridor studies, including details on the lines each Council is focusing on to improve service, click here to read a recent posting on The Source on the subject.

For a listing of all Council meeting dates, times and locations, click here.

As always, the public is encouraged to attend and share their comments with the Service Councils on improving bus servicethroughout LA County. If you would like to provide input to a Council but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the Service Council web page or send them to service councils@metro.net. If your comments are for a specific Council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing in your e-mail.

For more information about each Service Council, click on the name of the Council listed after the jump.

All meetings include a report from Metro Service Council Director Jon Hillmer providing previous month’s statistics on ridership, performance and other measures of Metro service. An article about how these statistics are collected and reported will be featured on The Source in mid-March. In addition, each Service Council will receive a presentation on the TDA Triennial Review Process by Armineh Saint, Metro Transportation Manager.

Meeting topics for Service Council meetings in March include:

San Fernando Valley (6:30 pm, Wednesday, 3/6) – In addition to the TDA Triennial Review presentation, a presentation on Proposed June Service Changes (carried over from last month. Please note that these are minor route changes to San Fernando Valley Lines. No major service changes will be implemented by Metro in June system-wide). The Service Council Director will also provide information about FTA Scoping for the East San Fernando Valley Project.

South Bay (9:30 am, Friday, 3/8) – In addition to the TDA Triennial Review presentation, briefing on the Crenshaw Transit Corridor, Report on the Harbor Transitway Pilot Projects (carried over from last month), report on the Crenshaw Blvd. Lines 210 and 710 Corridor Study, including a recap of the special February 27 public workshop.

San Gabriel Valley (5 pm, Monday, 3/11) – In addition to the TDA Triennial Review presentation, ceremony honoring the City of El Monte for their ongoing assistance during the El Monte Station construction process, presentation on Proposed names for the Gold Line Foothill Extension Stations – public input is welcomed at this meeting. The Service Council Director will also provide information about wheelchair boarding data by Region/Line, a breakdown of complaints by Line, and an update on Line 485.

Westside/Central (5 pm, Wednesday, 3/13) – In addition to the TDA Triennial Review presentation, report on Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Interface with Expo Line.

Gateway Cities (2 pm, Thursday, 3/14) – In addition to the TDA Triennial Review presentation, presentation on Metro’s Procurement Processes, update on Artesia Blue Line Station Construction, summary of February Corridor Workshop Recommendations to receive public input on Florence Avenue Lines 111 and 311. The Service Council Director will also provide information regarding On Time Performance statistics for buses operating in the Gateway Cities region.

All service councils welcome and appreciate the public’s input on Metro service at their meetings. If you would like to comment at any of the meetings, please fill out a speaker card when you arrive, noting the specific agenda item you are there to address.  General comments on issues that aren’t on the agenda are taken as a part of the “public comment” section of the agenda.

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  1. Thanks so much Steve! This is a good start to see what is upcoming for June!

  2. Steve, is there a link to the minor changes in service for June? I know it sounds like itll mostly be changes to times and everything. But id like to know what lines will have those changes, etc.


    • Hi Nicholas;

      I’m asking around if there’s anything available yet. As you mentioned, there are no major changes in June but there are some schedule adjustments. I’ll try to get something posted as soon as I have it.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Hi Nicholas;

      Here is the info I received from Metro staff:

      The Service Council agendas are posted every month at http://www.metro.net/about/board/agenda/ and both the PDF and HTML versions of the posted agendas include links to any presentations that have been received.

      The full presentation re SFV minor service changes is at http://www.metro.net/board/Items/2013/03_March/20130306OtherSectorSFVItem6.pdf

      There will likely be more info out there as we get into spring and closer to June.

      Hope that helps,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source