Metro's 405 freeway paving work ends 29 hours ahead of schedule

Yesterday’s 405 lane reductions wreaked havoc on traffic for most of the day, but enabled Metro’s contractor to expedite paving work and reopen all lanes of the freeway between Montana and Getty Center Off-ramps by midnight. Metro has prepared this statement regarding yesterday’s work:

    Metro thanks motorists for their patience following lane reductions on the northbound I-405 that caused significant delays Saturday. The extended lane reductions, however, enabled the contractor to safely and aggressively perform needed paving work in the area. As a result, the contractor completed work 29 hours ahead of schedule, sparing drivers from another day and a half of adverse traffic impacts. 

4 replies

  1. Congratulations, Metro!!! You’ve managed to complete simple PAVING 29 hours ahead of schedule!!! Meanwhile, this $1 billion project will do absolutely nothing to address congestion and transportation ALTERNATIVES through this corridor. Shame on Metro for continuing to pursue highway expansions at the expense of the environment, quality of life, TRANSIT options that would move commuters more efficiently, etc.
    Is anyone else not amazed that Metro has such a large HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT when they are constantly barraging us with ads and other pseudo-propaganda to “GO METRO!”???

  2. Hallelujah, the paving ended 29 hours early! It is almost enough to make us forget the massive price tag on this massively-delayed project which will provide no long-term benefit.

  3. Hallelujah, paving finished 29 hours ahead of schedule…but how long has the entire project been delayed?