Temple City breaks ground on Rosemead Boulevard Safety Enhancement and Beautification Project

Photo by Anna Chen/Metro

Photo by Anna Chen/Metro

Temple City held a groundbreaking ceremony Friday morning for the Rosemead Boulevard Safety Enhancement and Beautification Project. The project will redesign the two-mile stretch of Rosemead Blvd. from Callita Street to the south side of the UPRR railroad tracks and transform one of Temple City’s main commercial corridors into a complete street. Project features include:

  • new ADA-accessible sidewalks
  • San Gabriel Valley’s first protected bike lanes
  • recycled asphalt concrete pavement
  • added green life, including 500 trees and 60,000 plants
  • outdoor dining opportunities

Metro contributed approximately $2.25 million to the project through the 2011 Call for Projects program.

DSC_0001“This project will provide Temple City with much needed sidewalks, bus stops, shelters and bike lanes,” said L.A. County Supervisor and Metro Board Chair Michael D. Antonovich. “It will create a safer environment for people to walk and explore alternative modes of transportation.”

Editor’s note from Steve Hymon: Bike riding is exponentially more pleasant along Rosemead in the section already upgraded north of Huntington. It’s nice to see the project keep expanding.

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  1. I love how they spent $2.25 MILLION on these forthcoming street, and yet REFUSE TO IMPROVE SERVICE ON THE LINE 266 which runs upon it!

    • Hi Wes,

      The number is from the program that was handed out. It could be you’re right, but I’ll stick with the proof I have in print for now.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor

  2. Why can’t they bring these projects to South and East Los Angeles?