Paving underway at Expo Line's Culver City station


Above are a couple of photos taken yesterday of the paving work being done on the parking lot for the Expo Line's Culver City station. It should be a lot more pleasant next time it rains!


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  1. There should be a Bus Terminal/Transit depot at the new Culver City Expo Station at the bottom of the elevated platform in the to be paved parking lot with connections to Metro lines 33, 220, 534, and 733, Culver City Bus Lines 1,7 and SM Big Blue Bus Lines 5,12,R12 BBB Line 12/ Rapid 12 to Palms, Westwood/ UCLA and R20, connections to Venice Beach,and Metro 534 Express Service to Santa Monica and Malibu!!! This would make bus connections much easier for commuters… Thanks a Metro student Rider who loves the new Expo Line and can’t wait to got to Santa Monica by Metro Rail in 2016!!

  2. YAY FINALLY METRO IS ACTUALLY PAVING THE CULVER CITY STATION PARKING LOT!!! I can’t believe they’re actually paving the lot, I remember my shoes and car getting muddy from the rain… I hope this will be a great improvement for the Culver City Station, I think there should also be a bus bay/ Transit depot at the bottom of the elevated platform for Culver City Bus, and SM Big Blue Buses for easy convenient transfers to Venice Beach, Palms, Westwood and UCLA…

  3. Was the paving done in a way that allows rain to replenish our parched aquifers instead of running rapidly down storm drains directly to the sea?

  4. This site is significant. In the early 1920s a lumber yard occupied this site. Across the tracks (on the south side of the tracks and east side of Washington) was located Hal Roach Studios. One day Mr. Roach was gazing out his office window across to the lumber yard where he saw some kids arguing over a piece of wood and at that moment, the “Our Gang / Little Rascals” were conceived: Just ordinary kids doing ordinary things.