Metro Board of Directors meeting is underway

The gavel dropped at about 9:40 a.m. on today's Metro Board of Directors for those keeping score at home.

Here's the agenda.

Metro doesn't provide video or audio online streaming of its Board meetings, but those who want to listen in by phone can call 213-922-6045.


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  1. I would like to hear LACMTA discuss what changes can be done to bring another 1% of the county in favor of another transit tax. 66% was a large, even super majority, and 55% would still be a significantly higher bar then 50%. But it seems as if the powers at be would rather change the rules then get as many people as they can on board (see what I did there…the pun…get it?).

    Interestingly, when researching the Sepulveda reversible lane, I found a quote from 1990, the year the reversible lane was first approved, that said “The Valley has not received its fair share of Measure A dollars.” Twenty years later, we…I just changed the “A” to an “R”. Perhaps in twenty years others will replace the “R” with a “J”.