Dig baby dig! — check out the new tunnels being dug under Grand Central Terminal in New York

The New York MTA recently posted online very nice photos of their Eastside Access project, which will allow the Long Island Railroad to finally reach Grand Central Terminal via new tunnels being dug underneath the station.

A few of the photos are below; click here to view the entire set on the New York MTA’s Flickr stream.  

Photos: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin.

Photos: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin.

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  1. Spectacular pictures. It can seem so matter of fact when it is full of people and covered in concrete and lights.

    I think it would continue to be awe inspiring if the rock wasn’t covered up, People would be constantly reminded that they are inside the earth and what a big undertaking it was to get them there. Kind of like a “Your tax dollars at work” sign they put up on road projects, but so much more artful and effective