Grab a Grand Slam from Denny's at Union Station


If the craving for pancakes hits you while you’re at Union Station, head over to Denny’s,located across from Patsaouras Plaza on Ramirez Street. The location is open 24/7, and now if you show your TAP card you’ll save 10% on your bill.

The discount is valid at this Denny’s location only. Union Station is served by the Metro Red, Purple and Gold lines, and numerous bus lines. DASH D stops right outside the restaurant.

If you’re thinking about heading over this Saturday, February 23, please plan to access Denny’s on Ramirez Street from Commercial Street on the other side of the freeway.

The off-ramp from the I-101 Freeway, Vignes Street and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue will be closed to traffic from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. due to maintenance work at Metro headquarters.

2 replies

  1. Wait, wasn’t it at one time a Denny’s? Then it became something else, and now its back to a Denny’s?

    • M. Smith, you are correct! It was briefly a Big Bang, then Nibblers, and now it’s back to being a Denny’s. Not that most people would have noticed, the color scheme never changed.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor