Bus service detours for Academy Awards, Hollywood/Highland Station closed during The Oscars

Those of you traveling around Hollywood have probably noticed some bus detours by now due to Oscars prep. Here’s a friendly reminder that you won’t be able to spot Robert Downey, Jr. by  popping up from Hollywood/Highland Station on Sunday because it will be closed.

Here’s the release from Metro:

Metro Red Line subway trains will operate on a regular schedule but will pass through the Metro Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station without stopping on Sunday, Feb. 24 from open to close due to the 85th Academy Awards show at the Dolby Theater. There will be no public access to Hollywood/Highland Station. Customers are advised to use the Hollywood/Vine Station as an alternative and transfer to nearby bus service or walk.

All Metro Red Line trains will resume stops at Hollywood/Highland Station with the start of regular service on Monday, Feb. 25.

Street closures start Sunday, Feb. 17 due to staging for The Oscars. Metro Bus lines 212, 217, 222 and 780 will be detoured along Hollywood Boulevard between Highland Avenue and La Brea Avenue through 6 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, or until barricades are removed.

On the day of The Oscars, Sunday, Feb. 24, Metro Bus lines 156, 212, 217 and 222 also will be detoured along Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard and on Highland Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Sunset Boulevard through 6 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 25, or until barricades are removed.

Specific routes of the detours are listed online on the Service Advisory pages of metro.net. For real-time service alerts, go to metro.net home page or follow @metroLAalerts on twitter.

4 replies

  1. Anna,

    I hope that there is better notice made of this service disruption this year than there has been in the past. Post signs in every car and really make sure that the train operators make announcements (and that the P.A. systems in all Subway trains used in service on Sunday are fully working!). Especially for Northbound trains, have a extra long pause at Hollywood/Vine so people can realize what is up and get off the trains.

    It really stinks when your trip is extended by the 10-15 minutes it takes to get to Universal City and back to H/V due to Sunday headways because no announcement was made at H/V; Especially if you are just trying to get to your second/third job and you have no free time to even begin to understand what these self-aggrandizing “Oscars” are about.

    It isn’t your customers fault that the second head-house for Hollywood/Highland was never completed or that the uber-paranoid, “Do you know who I am?” security deems it necessary to totally close off the one that was.

  2. Its time for the Academy Awards to move to Staples, where there is LESS DISRUPTION! Fewer bus lines are disrupted for the Grammy’s, then for the Oscars!

  3. This is where you had to do the math and see whether having an entrance away from the secured zone is worth the inconvenience of forcing a transfer to a bus. A mile walk is a bit tough but there are tons of buses down Sunset… the problem is that they will all be stuck in traffic.

  4. So public mass transit for thousands of people is interrupted in order to more easily prepare for a private party for celebrities.