UPDATE: Parking lot at Culver City Station will be repaved starting Monday, Feb 25

 Photo by Jim Sarr, via Instagram

Culver City Station parking lot after rain. Photo by Jim Sarr, via Instagram

Due to forecasts of rain, the paving of the parking lot at Culver City Station has been set back to start next week on Monday, Feb. 25. Curses, fickle L.A. weather!

The east side of the parking lot will be closed from February 25 to March 3 for paving. The west side of the parking lot will be closed from March 4 to 10.

If you need to park and ride, free parking is also available at Expo/Crenshaw Station and La Cienega/Jefferson Station. If the weather is nice, perhaps this could be incentive for you to give biking a try. Bikes are allowed on all Metro buses and trains, and there are bike racks at 10 Expo Line stations.

Metro Rapid 733 might serve as an temporary travel option. For more route options, use the Metro Trip Planner.

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  1. Will this mean that buses will now serve the station or will car-owners continue to be granted priority access to the station while those connecting to/from bus must schlep past the horseless carriages?

    Has anyone considered the genuine threat to Metro Infrastructure posed by allowing un-inspected private vehicles to park right adjacent to the station support structures as shown in that photo?

    Far more of a true threat to security than us photographers, don’t you think?

  2. Off-topic, hopefully the weather doesn’t affect the opening of the Express lanes on the I-10.

  3. IT’S About TIME,, Should Have Been Paved from the Start. The Construction Authority Should have know better back In june About how poor the Parking Area was and Acted Sooner

  4. @I want to drive

    Not sure what you are getting at, since you are either a non-native english speaker, desperately in need of an editor, or both. Whatever the case, I’m not sure why you’d want to criticize Metro for having parking lots at its stations. It’s not like Metro can snap its fingers and will a fully functioning rail transit network into being. Regardless, using the Red Line as an example, your criticism is wrong-headed in the extreme. Both the NoHo and Universal City station parking lots fill up by 8:00 AM at the latest. That’s hundreds and hundreds of vehicles that would have otherwise tried to shoehorn through the already jammed Cahuenga Pass on the 101 each day day. Should Metro instead insisted upon some bizarre form of ideological transit purity by foregoing the opportunity to have park and ride lots at these stations? Clearly not, and the same logic applies to parking lots adjacent to Expo line stations.

  5. Culver City Station needs more parking spaces.

    It should have a two-story structure, but I am sure the demand will ease up a bit once it’s no longer the Expo terminus.

    More parking never hurts, though.

  6. Please, pave the sidewalk on the south side of the entrance driveway from Venice! Lots of people walk and bike to the station from the area of Venice/Robertson and the lack of a sidewalk forces them to either get muddy or walk in the street.

  7. I like that the parking lot is being paved, but I think the space needs to be transformed into a park or some other type of greenspace. In addition, there should be better places to board the Culver City or Big Blue buses. And (just one more), a designated drop off/pick up area for those getting rides to/from the station.

  8. Permeable Paverment Please! Let’s protect our watershed and rebuild the water table!

  9. This is wonderful news! I’m still scraping the mud off of my shoes and car after walking and driving though the mud pit. That being said, I hope that more people start riding the metro rom the westside to downtown. It’s a fantastic way to commute!

  10. Why do we need to parking lots (and free one) at Culver City?
    BTW, do people have to rent cars when they reach Culver City station
    Unlike New York, train projects in LA don’t relieve us from traffic congestion and oil dependency. It also does not relieve us from car dependency.
    Way to go LA, you create a miracle that other countries don’t create, to use cars, you must own cars. If you don’t have cars, you are not suppose to take trains
    LA create the culture that there are train riders and bus riders. That does not happen in other places
    Thank you rail supporters for creating that culture