Photos of track work underway this weekend at junction of Blue and Expo lines

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Photos by Stephen Tu/Metro.

Photos by Stephen Tu/Metro.

The photos above, taken early Saturday afternoon, show the replaced diamond frog at the junction of the Blue Line and Expo Line tracks at Washington and Flower in downtown L.A. Metro officials said Saturday that work is proceeding according to schedule.

The work is the reason that the Blue Line is not running this weekend between 7th/Metro Center and the Grand station and the Expo Line is not running between 7th/Metro Center and the 23rd Street station. Bus shuttles are replacing trains on both lines.

For more about the work being performed, here’s a Source post from Friday. The service alert for the Blue and Expo lines is after the jump.


Due to railway track work in Downtown Los Angeles, Metro Blue Line and Expo Line train service will be impacted the weekend of February 15-17, 2013.

Track repair work will begin Friday night, Feb. 15 at 8:30 p.m. and last until close of business Sunday, Feb. 17.  Metro Blue and Expo Lines will cease to operate at the following locations only:

Metro Blue Line:  No train service between 7th/Metro Center and Grand Station.

Metro Expo Line: No train service between 7th/Metro Center and 23rd Street Station.

Patrons will be provided with replacement shuttle bus service during this time.  Shuttle buses will travel to and from all impacted stations: 7th/Metro Center, Pico, Grand and 23rd Street Stations.

Metro will provide signage directing transit riders to nearby on-street shuttle bus locations.  Metro personnel will also be available at stations to assist patrons.  Service alert information is now on display on station electronic message boards.

Metro apologizes for any inconvenience this service impact has to its transit customers.

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  1. packed us into buses like sardines, made us wait at the Blue Line stop for ages, what a disorganized mess…this is probably the 30th time I’ve had my Sunday commute to work screwed up in the last four years

  2. What does “after the jump” mean? Why do I see this phrase so often in “The Source” articles?