Small business and prime contractors meet up to team up for Metro contracting opportunities

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With major projects coming online such as the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor, the Regional Connector and the Westside Subway Extension, plus some 25 highway projects in construction phases, prime contractors and small business owners lost no time in making preparations for contracting opportunities at a unique mixer Wednesday.

Twenty-five prime contractors and an estimated 700 small business representatives from approximately 400 firms filled the Metro board room, plaza level and third floor for the fifth annual “Meet the Primes” event held at Metro HQ.

Sponsored by the Metro Diversity & Economic Opportunity Department (DEOD) and the Transportation Business Advisory Council (TBAC), “Meet the Primes” is an opportunity for small businesses and prime contractors to build relationships and teams for Metro procurements. The strategy is for small businesses to have face time with primes, to pitch their service or product and ultimately become part of a prime’s team.

Metro CEO Art Leahy addressed the eager attendees in the board room while the contractors set up interview stations in the lobby and nearby meeting rooms.

This event is held in addition to Metro’s monthly “How To Do Business With Metro” workshops in support of Metro’s Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs.

Check it out on the DEOD webpages at Click on the “Meetings” tab for time and date and to register to attend.