New Amtrak train wrap promoting San Francisco

As seen at Union Station. Photo by Anna Chen/Metro

As seen at Union Station. Photo by Anna Chen/Metro

This weekend is a three-day weekend for most – thank you, U.S. Presidents – and it could be just the right time for a leisurely train trip to San Francisco.

P.S. Friendly reminder, today’s the last chance for Metro riders to get 10% off See’s Candies at the Union Station kiosk. Just show your TAP card at the register!

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  1. Wanderer: yes but you can take BART directly from SFO to the City. Take a shuttle flight from Burbank and your net time from home to Market Street could be under three hours, leaving several times in the day.

    Meanwhile the Amtrak route is once a day, unless you take a bus to Bakersfield to a train (which itself may require a change at Stockton). This takes ten hours total before your final transfer. It also costs about the same.

    I say this as a train and transit junkie: that ad is a tease at best. If a non-trainiac saw it and thought about making a three-day weekend, said person would be horrified at the bureaucracy and machination required.

    Meanwhile, there are buses to Bob Hope Airport all the time…

  2. Amtrak gets you closer to Downtown San Francisco than flights to “San Francisco airport” do.

  3. I see that as on the Metrolink Bicycle cars, the wrap is covering the display that in this case shows the car number of the train, which can be critical information for passengers. On the Metrolink Bike cars the wrap obscures the destination sign.

    I wish these wraps were run past train crews before they are implemented.

  4. Amtrak goes to San Jose Diridon via the Coast Starlight, and you can transfer to the Caltrain to go into the City, or you can take the train to Emeryville and the shuttle over the bridge to the city.