Metro Day Pass = $5. Gallon of gas in downtown L.A. = $5.11 for regular


El Pasajero Editor Jose Ubaldo took the above photo this morning on Alameda Street near Union Station. It’s no secret gas prices have been on the rise lately and as of Monday averaged $4.04 for a gallon of regular in California. As for the price above — that’s Death Valley prices, people!

As for the day pass, it’s price remains the same and doesn’t rise according to the whims and whatevers of major global corporations. From

On buses

Load a Day Pass on your TAP card for just $5. As a convenience for those who don’t already have a card, regular TAP cards will be available for purchase with a Day Pass for a total of $6. Like all TAP cards, they can reloaded again and again with any TAP product, including the $5 Day Pass.

At stations and pass outlets

You can load a $5 Day Pass onto your TAP card at Metro Customer Centers, retail TAP vendors and ticket vending machines. If you don’t already have a card, you can purchase one with your pass at these locations for an additional $2.

In addition, a weekly Metro pass is $20 and a monthly pass $75. A monthly EZ Pass that allows for travel on Metro many other buses in Los Angeles County is $84. More info on fares here.

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  1. Yes, but gas is available all over town. Just where again can I buy a transit pass?

  2. Realist,

    Thanks for your concern and knowledgeable advice, but why would I want to buy a car now? I drive my wife’s car, when I HAVE to, sorry I was not more specific. Also, sorry for my low estimate. “Stop and Go” traffic isn’t that great for Fuel Economy, I’ve heard. Say I get EXACTLY 30 MPG. At $4 per gallon, that’s still ABOUT $23.33 per week. How much does a weekly Metro pass cost? $20. FOR ME…I’d rather not spend 3 dollars and 30 cents per week to be stressed out sitting in LA traffic. Isn’t that the point this article is trying to make?



  3. Sean,

    “My car gets about about 15 miles per gallon”

    Maybe perhaps trading in your vehicle for a more fuel efficient one would be a better way to go. Most gas cars sold today get twice as much gas mileage. Hybrids are closing in at 60 MPGs now.

  4. You can’t show a picture of that Chevron on Alameda and Cesar Chavez; it’s one of the worst in the city. So is the one on Wilshire/26th the post above mentions (and Beverly Dr./Olympic 76 and the 76 on Santa Monica and Crescent)

  5. It clearly says in the photo’s caption: “It’s no secret gas prices have been on the rise lately and as of Monday averaged $4.04 for a gallon of regular in California.” Even at 4 bucks per gallon, a $5 Metro Day Pass is well worth it.

    How far does a gallon take you? 10, 15, 20 miles?

    My commute is from Pasadena to West Hollywood and back. If i were to drive, that’s about 17.5 miles ONE WAY. That’s 35 miles in a DAY. My car gets about about 15 miles per gallon so I’d be spending approximately 9-10 bucks a day on fuel. Not to mention regular maintenance and insurance through out the year. 5 per day or 10+ per day, the choice is clear

    PLUS, who wants to be sitting on the 101 and 110 through downtown at rush hour? It takes me just as long to DRIVE home as it does to GO METRO home!!!

    Don’t forget, the ability to take MULTIPLE modes of Metro Transit. On my Metro commute, if I pay for each Gold Line, Red Line, and 14 Bus individually at $1.50 each, one way, I’d pay $4.50, ONE WAY. On my commute home, I’m already saving cash!

    Again, the choice FOR ME could not be MORE clear! GO METRO!

  6. Not to take anything away from the idea of getting more people on Commuter Transit, but this particular station is a horrible example. It is always significantly higher in price than even other Chevron Stations in the area (which are always 10-15 cents/gallon higher than the closest ARCO.) I’m not sure how they get away with it other than preying on customers that are on “E” and have no where else to go.

  7. Monday night while waiting for a bus at Wilshire/26th in Santa Monica I clearly heard a motorist at the gas station across the street decry it having $5/gallon gas. “Is that an average or just in Santa Monica” he loudly said. But in the end he pumped some gallons…