Rendering of new Gold Line Foothill Extension bridge over Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia

The bridge will be at the site of the old at-grade crossing just north of REI and south of In-n-Out. Rendering: Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority.

The bridge will be at the site of the old at-grade crossing just north of REI and south of In-N-Out. Rendering: Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority.

Serious work on the bridge over Santa Anita Avenue will begin in April — and already there is a lot of work up and down the 11.5-mile alignment for the Gold Line extension between eastern Pasadena and the Azusa/Glendora border. The bridge over Santa Anita means that the Gold Line will be able to travel between the existing Del Mar station in Old Pasadena and the new Arcadia station entirely grade-separated with no street crossings. It should be a quick ride.

Here’s the latest update from the project from Habib Balian, the CEO of the Foothill Extension Construction Authority, the agency building the line that Metro will operate once it’s built:

The Construction Authority and Foothill Transit Contractors briefed Arcadia Mayor Bob Harbicht last Friday on the construction activities taking place at the Colorado Bridge, and other upcoming activities in the city. The Colorado Bridge is one of more than twenty bridges being constructed as part of the overall project, and the first of three to be built in the city of Arcadia. As part of the briefing, we discussed the residential and business community outreach effort being conducted around these activities, which will require long-term street and lane closures. Important to our efforts is promotion of local businesses affected by construction.

The Pasadena Star News published a story about the briefing and the upcoming work in Arcadia and how it will impact businesses on Santa Anita Avenue. The article (below) highlights the new grade-separated crossing to be built over Santa Anita Avenue; construction will begin following completion of the Colorado Boulevard bridge in April. FTC has been actively working with the local businesses for the last year to prepare for the Santa Anita lane closures, including finding the best way to maintain access to their businesses.

In addition, work continues to start in many areas of the corridor. Yesterday, the first of two dozen at-grade crossings went into construction. Highland Avenue, in Duarte, closed for four weeks to build the crossing. Crews began demolition, and will begin installing underground utilities and equipment next.

As construction impacts streets throughout the corridor, the Construction Authority is emailing notices to those that have signed up to receive them. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to sign up at


One note from yours truly, who earlier today consumed a Double-Double for lunch: for those quoted in the story concerned they won’t be able to access the In-N-Out on Santa Anita, there are a couple other In-N-Outs nearby: the one at Walnut and Craig in Pasadena and another at Huntington and Atlantic in Alhambra, which is also conveniently near stops for several Metro bus lines — the 78, 79, 176, 260, 378, 485 and 762. As the Star News story notes, the In-N-Out on Santa Anita will be open during construction although traffic will que up on Colorado instead of Santa Anita.

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  1. Thank goodness the voters of Arcadia some years ago wisely passed a bond measure to raise several million dollars to supplement (ensure) the construction of a bridge over Santa Anita Avenue. The original plan indicated that there was “not enough traffic” to justify a grade separation. Now Arcadia will have only one at-grade street crossing (near the station itself) – what a relief! 🙂

  2. If you look at the aerial half the cars to the Arcadia In-N-Out come from Colorado anyway. So this modification is not going to be a big deal, except at lunch time when it will likely be impossible to pull out of the spaces in the lot for those who are planning on dining in (although this isn’t a sit down INO).

  3. I am glad the stretch between Sierra Madre Villa Station and Arcadia Station will be quick and easy because it’s actually quite a long distance… it’s probably the longest stretch between stations in the extension.

    • Hi In the Valley;

      I did see it earlier but had to run to see the sawbones — I’ll put in headlines tomorrow. Thanks!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source