20 years ago today: videos of the Red Line's opening on Jan. 29, 1993

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Here are a pair of videos on the opening of the first segment of the Red Line on Jan. 29, 1993 — so 20th century! Thanks to the Metro Transit Library & Archive on digging these up and for all the helpful information on the 20th anniversary of the Metro Red Line.

Please see Dave Sotero’s post earlier today on the big anniversary. There are a lot of interesting factoids about the original project along with a great photo gallery and more video.

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  1. There is a video on you tube about subway safety, before the opening, that promised among other things, “no people allowed to loiter” or to that effect. I do remember how well the Red and now Purple lines were patrolled by the imperfect MTA police, and then later, the much better LAPD. NO ONE was allowed to just hang out and do what they do today in or around the stations. We need to return to that . Give subway back to LAPD to patrol and let Lee’s non-existent Transit Bureau handle the rest. No excuse for both the Blue line and subway to have gotten to the state it is.