Expo Line's Culver City Station parking lot to be repaved

We've heard from several readers in recent weeks about the condition of the parking lot at the Expo Line's Culver City station — specifically, that the lot has become dusty and bumpy when it's dry and muddy when it's wet, such as today.

The good news: The Expo Line Construction Authority just approved a contract to pave the lot (see below). Given this, immediate action to correct this problem has begun with the goal of completing this lot in February. The Source will keep you updated as work progresses.

Culver City parking lot report by sourcemetro


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  1. $300k is not expensive to resurface a parking of this size. Some of you are living in an alternate universe where asphalt is free and workers are paid with hugs and kisses if you think this is expensive.

    I believe Metro missed a major marketing opportunity. With the parking lot that is basically a muddy field and sprouting grass and weed at an alarming rate, Metro should have turned it into an urban vegetable garden.

    Park you car, pick some strawberries, and ride Metro!

  2. Some comments above inspired me to say that I have noticed when you get off at the Culver City Station there are no signs to show a person where to walk to get a connecting bus or what streets are around the station. It seems that much thought did not go in to planning this station.

  3. The Culver City Station seriously needs have a parking structure and a bus hub.

    $300k for some graded asphalt is robbery, BTW.

  4. I could care less about the parking lot being paved. Is there a way to make pedestrian access more intuitive? When I exited the station it wasn’t obvious I could get to Venice on foot which force me to walk in a circle on the streets.

  5. $300k just to repave a stupid parking lot? Why not just use part of that $300k to build the parking structure instead?

  6. The mud was a huge problem.
    Thank you LACMTA for being so responsive!
    That said, $316,467 seems like a heck of a lot of money, especially for a temporary fix before a parking structure is built.

  7. It should have been done before you opened the Expo Line. The parking lot at the Culver City Station was a mess and unsafe from day one.