Another view of new Expo Line Phase 2 bridge over Cloverfield Boulevard


EXPO LINE 01-18-2013 067-2

Expo Line Fan emailed us this nice photo that he took looking east toward the Expo Line Bridge that will carry the train over both Cloverfield Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica. Cloverfield is directly under the bridge and Olympic Boulevard is in the foreground.

After the tracks cross Olympic, they veer north to Colorado Avenue, where Expo Line trains will run down the center of the street until the western terminus at 4th and Colorado.

Check out more of ExpoLine Fan’s construction photos on his Flickr page.


8 replies

  1. There are seats but very few at platform 2. There should be more along the walls. I always see people sitting on the floor when waiting for the expo line since the blue line comes faster. I sometimes wait 15-20 min for the expo line and I hate sitting on the floor.

  2. I think Metro needs to plan ahead and start stations with wider platforms. The platforms for Metro rail stations today are already becoming too crowded.

  3. I still believe that it’s a terrible shame that the Expo Line will NOT be grade-separated where it crosses heavily-trafficked Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica!

  4. there is a seating area on Platform 2 near the stairs. Such a busy station with people always running to catch trains. It’s only going to get busier when the Expo reaches SaMo and I think that adding seats to the platform will slow traffic and create too much congestion.

  5. This makes me happy to see this kind of progress. I just wish metro would add some benches or some kind of seating area at the expo/ blue line platform 2 at 7th/ metro center station.