New shuttle debuts this holiday weekend from Expo La Cienega Station to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview


The office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has announced a new Link shuttle bus service from the Metro Expo La Cienega Station to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview and Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area will start Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013.

The new Baldwin Hills Parklands Shuttle will run only on weekends and holidays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every 20 minutes. This weekend the service will be free, after that the fare will be 25 cents.

The Link –small shuttle buses that connect residents with light rail, subway, rapid bus stops and community destinations– is now available in Culver City and Baldwin Hills. There are six Link routes in the Second District: Florence/Firestone, Lennox, Athens, Baldwin Hills and two in Willowbrook.

Here is the press release from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

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  1. Interesting. The gold line is definitely busier than it used to be, but there are almost always seats available even when some choose to stand, On the other hand the blue line deals with crush loads from 10-3 on weekends with all seats taken and dozens standing in each of the first two train cars. And it’s been this way for years without any suggestion of improvement from Metro.

    What is different about the gold line that it continually gets improvements first while the busiest line with the highest farebox recovery is treated like a red-headed step child? I mean when the digital flat screens went in, the gold line got them first. In fact the gold line is on its second generation of flat screens while 4 years later there are still none at most blue line stations. The gold line got new trains and then while already having the newest trains (P-2000) got the next order of new trains as well (P-2550)! The blue line has the most pedestrian fatalities, but the enhanced pedestrian safety features are all on the gold line (Little Tokyo, Mission). Even when the poor guy fell off the platform at Del Amo the yellow barriers were installed first on the gold line.

    I understand the need to attract “choice” riders, but why not try and attract choice riders to the blue line as well? There is no way that anyone could ride trains and the weekend and come to the conclusion that the line that most needs increased service is the gold line. So what other factors went into the decision making process that determined that the gold line would get increased service?

  2. […] Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview Shuttle I noticed this piece of info this morning on The Source blog, adds one more thing people can do in Los Angeles without the need for a car! I've always wanted to go to this place but haven't really gotten the motivation to drive out there, I'll definitely have to check it out soon. I believe are some pretty great shots from this area in the Los Angeles picture thread. New shuttle debuts this holiday weekend from Expo La Cienega Station to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overvie… […]

    • Well, this is another option to be car free in LA. Hope everybody take advantage of this new service and enjoy Los Angeles as much as I do. Thanks for your e-mail.