EIR scoping meeting to be held Jan. 23 for Los Angeles streetcar project

Planning continues on the city of Los Angeles project to return streetcar service to downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the good word on an upcoming community meeting:



To learn more about the project, visit the Go L.A. Streetcar website.

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  1. Bang for the buck, I think that Dan’s idea is wise. Even a single pair of tracks could temporarily serve the function. Streetcars and trains have used bi-directional tracks for years.

  2. I really hope the folks planning the new street cars will use replicas of the original street cars, like the street cars being used in San Pedro TODAY; those replica streetcars are very nice since they get you around with the touch of nostiliga. I really hope they do the same for DTLA since this would surely bring not only more younger people to DTLA for the nostiliga, but also those of us that grew up around the old street car. Finally, the would bring much needed character to our city center.

    • Bob,

      I completely agree. I love retro streetcars, trolleys and buses. It seems from their flyers though that the design is going to be more modern, a bit like the one in Portland. But do write in (if you can’t attend) to submit your comment, it’d be great if we could bring back a truly historic streetcar.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor

  3. I think there needs to be one small adjustment to the alignment on 7th street, with tracks going in each direction.

    Then we would have three routes for maximum mobility:

    (1) The full clockwise alignment selected as the LPA
    (2) A clockwise alignment for the northern section between 7th Street and Bunker Hill via Hill / Broadway.
    (3) A clockwise alignment for the southern section between the Convention Center, 7th Street and 11th Street and Broadway.

    Not only would this provide maximum mobility, it means if there is an accident or other incident blocking the tracks, it doesn’t shut down the entire streetcar line for at least the other half would still be running.

    I have included a map on my blog: