Want to understand how the state of California funds transportation? Check out this easy to understand chart!!


Click above to see extremely large version of this chart on our Flickr page — might take a few seconds to load.

With Gov. Jerry Brown releasing his state budget proposal on Thursday, I thought it would be a good time to post this chart without any commentary.

Okay, some commentary….Holy Guacamole, that’s insane!

Metro government relations staff encouraged me to think of the boxes as individual buckets, some with hoses connecting them to other buckets. That kind of helps.

Enjoy perusing the chart and please forward this post to anyone considering a career as a transportation policy analyst.

7 replies

  1. This chart is a fine example of why we get nothing done and so much tax dollars are wasted on bureaucracy.

  2. A wonderful chart! Even better are the hundreds of stories of the the legislation, regulation, political trades and odd circumstances that gave rise to each of the lines and boxes. A policy-wonk Huell Howser could make a career out of this chart.

  3. And we wonder why it is so hard to get anything done. That chart is an embarrassment.

  4. Sorry, I was thinking about the funds to upgrade the Metrolink lines from the HSR Bonds. The Palmdale and Orange lines are suppose to receive some funding for the High Speed Rail.

    • Hi Warren;

      I’m not sure of the exact date when those funds go to Metrolink. I’ll try to find out from their govt relations staff next week.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  5. When will LA and OC receive the funds from the HSR Bonds to upgrade the Metro lines?

    • Hi Warren;

      I’m not sure of the exact timing, but I assume the funds that Metro will receive for Regional Connector will be after construction begins. The project is just beginning utility relocation now and is out to bid for a contractor.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source