Transportation headlines, Tuesday, Jan. 8

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

Remembering Huell Howser, the region’s rideshare spokesman (Primary Resources)

Some nice images from the Metro Transportation Library & Archive of Huell, who resided in the area and promoted solutions to help improve traffic.

Bay Area transportation officials support lowering sales tax threshold to 55% (San Jose Mercury News)

Facing a bleak financial future, officials say they back a bill by State Senator Carol Liu (D-Pasadena) that would lower the threshold for sales tax increases to be approved from 66.7 percent to 55 percent. If the Legislature approves the bill and it’s signed by Gov. Brown, it would then go to state voters in 2014, who could adopt it with a simple majority.

To withstand storms, build a better bus system (TransportationNation)

A draft report by New York state officials recommends building a vibrant bus rapid transit system that could more easily be put back online after big storms such as Hurricane Sandy. The report also seeks new BRT lines that would better feed into the subway system while also providing alternative ways to connect neighborhoods. Bus speeds have fallen 11 percent in New York since 1980.

$1.1-million award for L.A. River Greenway Trail (KCET)

The money will help build a walking path and restore habitat along a half-mile stretch of the river in Studio City between Coldwater Canyon and Whitsett Avenue. This is part of a larger effort to have a continuous trail along much of the river in the San Fernando Valley. Good news.

Does zoning matter in Los Angeles? (KCET)

Interesting letter from a planner written to the “Laws That Shaped L.A.” column in which the writer argues that the city’s laws are jumbled and changes rather routine. He argues that changing zoning laws to encourage a specific use do not always work and includes some interesting info about the importance of manufacturing in Los Angeles’ economy.

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  1. Piece by piece the LA River is getting better. The 6th St Bridge project is also one more link in the chain. In a few years people will wake up and realise that LA has a river and that it is place to visit.

  2. We really need to reconsider that “more taxes are better” idea that has not shown any signs of improvement. We’re not really creating any new jobs and the business climate in LA is getting colder as more jobs flee to other states with less taxes.