Here's New Year's schedule for Metro; free rides from 9 p.m. Monday until 2 a.m. Tuesday!

The rundown on Metro service on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:

Affected Rail Lines: Metro Blue Line, Metro Red Line, Metro Green Line, Metro Gold Line, Metro Purple Line, Metro Expo Line
Affected Bus Lines: Orange Line (901)
Effective Dates: Monday, Dec. 31, 2012 Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013


Go Metro to your New Year’s Celebrations. Metro will operate special OVERNIGHT 24-HOUR service from December 31 into January 1 (All Metro Rail Lines & Orange Line).

New Year’s Eve – December 31st into January 1st – ALL RAIL LINES + ORANGE LINE

  • All Rail lines (Red, Purple, Blue, Expo, Green, Gold) & Orange Line will operate every 20 minutes until beginning of service on January 1st.
  • Click Here for Blue Line Modified Service in Long Beach on this night only.
  • This is in addition to bus lines which normally operate late night owl service.
  • Metro is FREE from Dec 31st @ 9pm until Jan 1st @ 2am. Proof of payment will be enforced all other times.
  • Metro Day Pass is valid from date of purchase until 3am the following morning.
  • Click here for more information on traveling to Pasadena for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game.

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  1. I took the rail with my lady on NYE. We parked at La Cienega/Jefferson intending to go to Universal Citywalk. The station itself was very nice at night, and you can’t ask for much more than free, abundant parking. This was my first time taking the Expo Line (finally!) and it was really clean, quick and smooth. There was plenty of seating and a very diverse demographic sprinkled among the carts. We got on the 9:51 PM and got to 7th/Metro promptly at 10:18.
    This station was going on. There were hundreds of people scurrying up, down, left and right. The guys were drunk and happy. while the women were dressed up and giggly. It was a real nice sight to see finally in our lovely, yet undeveloped city (by transportation standards). We probably walked 10 yards, got an escalator and walked another 10 yards to be at the correct and easily located platform for the Red Line to NoHo. This train came within 2 minutes and we were on.
    This was probably one of the most crowded times I have been on the Red Line (and I am well above 100+ rides), but I’m aware and we slipped into 2 good seats. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The younger crowd (like 18-22) were a bit loud and thought they were funny; and I wished they were.
    It seemed like there was a party at every stop. People were coming on and off, and the closer to Hollywood we got, the more partiers you would see. Some girl who had to pee, couldn’t hold it to Hollywood and ran off at Wilshire/Vermont crying while her friends chased after. I thought that was funny.
    Got to Universal’s stop right on time (around 11) and did the New Year thing…..
    We were back in the station around 12:30. The time on the screen said 12:38 (next train to Union), so I thought we were good. The NoHo side of the platform had about 20-30 people. The Union side had about 300 people just bunched up to the edge. The thing is, 12:38 never arrived and the screen just said 12:58. Damn it.
    A train ended up coming around 12:45, we slipped in once again for a bit more of a raucous crowd and even packed tighter. This was the most crowded I have seen any train or bus in Los Angeles. There were people squeezing in, laughing and farting. The conductor was screaming into the intercom at each and every stop “STAND CLEAR OF THE DOORS” over and over again, getting angrier each time. My girl and I smirked as we saw people try to dive in our train like it was the Titanic’s last raft.
    Nevertheless, we did make it to 7th and Metro, walked upstairs, waited for about 12 minutes and got back to La Cienega/Jefferson. All in all, a good night and all for free! Thanks for keeping us safe Metro. You guys are getting better and better and I want to let you know, there are people (who are born and raised in this city) that really appreciate the efforts you do make rather than focus on the negative. Well done, cheers and Happy New Year’s.

  2. Hey you guys chose to believe in a government agency. When will you guys learn that governments can NEVER be trusted?

  3. WHAT OVERNIGHT SERVICE?! Metro totally let us down too! After a NYE party, my husband and I walked to the La Cienega/Jefferson EXPO stop at 2:30 AM on NYE and the train NEVER came. Some nice people (6 or so) had been waiting a while there as well and someone said they called Metro and that a train was coming in 15 minutes. It never did. By 3:30 AM I had to call the nearby party hosts who picked us up and we crashed at their place until New Year’s Day 7AM to take the EXPO and Red Line trains back to the Orange Line in NoHo. THANKS FOR NOTHING, METRO! YOU GUYS DROPPED THE BALL on NEW YEAR’S EVE!

  4. That first line was a complete lie. I was at the NoHo station waiting for the Orange Line at 2 AM and the bus didn’t come until after the Metro worker there requested a new bus pick us up at 3:30 AM. I really wanted to believe the Metro would come through, but once again it let me down.