January Service Council meetings

A new year brings a new slate of topics to be discussed at January Service Council meetings. All of the January meetings will be held at the regularly scheduled times, days, and locations. For a listing of all Council meeting dates, times and locations, click here. As always, the public is encouraged to attend and share their comments with the Service Councils on improving bus service throughout LA County.

For more information about each service council, click on the name of the service council listed below. All Council meetings include a report from Metro Service Council Director Jon Hillmer providing monthly and year to date (Fiscal Year 2013) statistics on ridership, performance and other measures of Metro service. Meeting topics for January Service Councils meetings include:

San Fernando Valley (6:30 pm, Wednesday, 1/2) – CSUN Transportation Team Presentation on San Fernando Valley Transit Needs, Presentation and Demonstration on the G-Tel System, Update on the Sepulveda Pass Corridor Systems Planning Study.

Westside/Central (5 pm, Wednesday, 1/9) – Presentation on FTA Civil Rights Guidance, Update on Metro’s Transit Court,  Presentation on the Proposed Renaming of Civic Center and Wilshire/Western Stations, Summary of the Westside/Central Corridor Workshop that focused on Santa Monica Lines 4 and 704, and 3rd Street Line 16. Note that this month, the Westside/Central Council returns to the La Cienega Tennis Center, their regular meeting location.

Gateway Cities (2 pm, Thursday, 1/10) – Update on Metro’s Transit Court,  Presentation on Division Handling of Complaints, Update on Florence Avenue Lines 111 and 311 Corridor Study Workshop, Update on the Artesia Blue Line Station projects.

South Bay (9:30 am, Friday, 1/11) – Presentation on the Division 5 100 Year Anniversary Celebration, Update on the Crenshaw Blvd. Lines 210 and 710 Corridor Study.

San Gabriel Valley (5 pm, Monday, 1/14) –. Update on the Metro ExpressLanes Project, Update on the El Monte Station and Silver Line / Silver Streak Fare Agreement. Note that the San Gabriel Valley Service Council recently relocated back to their original meeting location adjacent to the El Monte Station.

All service councils welcome and appreciate public participation at their meetings. If you would like to comment at any of the meetings, please fill out a speaker card when you arrive, noting the specific item you are there to address.  General comments on issues that aren’t on the agenda are taken as a part of the “public comment” section of the agenda.  If you would like to provide input to a Council but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the Service Council web page or send them to servicecouncils@metro.net. If your comments are for a specific council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing.