Ride along with Metro Motion: Winter edition takes in Hollywood, ExpressLanes, and future L.A.

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 In this latest edition of Metro Motion, transit expansion is transforming the car capital of the world.

Ride along on the brand new Metro ExpressLanes on the 110 Harbor Freeway and check out the digs at the new El Monte Station. Next, take the Metro Red Line to old Hollywood for blast from Tinsel Town’s past. Then “Go Metro” for a glimpse of the walkable, bikeable and sustainable communities of future L.A.

Relax. There’s lessons to be learned from the Great California Shakeout, including why Metro Rail is one of the safest places to be during an earthquake. It’s all there in the winter edition of Metro Motion.

Metro Motion is produced in partnership with CityTV of Santa Monica. The 30-minute news program runs quarterly on cable stations throughout Los Angeles County. Check local listings for dates and times.

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  1. “Digs at the El Monte Station”? WHAT “digs”? An EMPTY BUILDING, is the predominant feature at El Monte Station!